The Super Bowl of Pageantry: Miss Universe
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The Super Bowl of Pageantry: Miss Universe

From a pageant queens perspective.

The Super Bowl of Pageantry: Miss Universe
Photo Curtosy of Philippine News Online

Every year every pageant girl around world sits as close to their TV as possible to cheer on their top contestant or country. This year, we said goodbye to the beautiful Pia to welcome a new queen! We watched about 86 contestants prance the stage to compete for the super bowl crown and legendary title. There were many ups and downs of the show... but at least Steve Harvey got it right this year!

As a pageant girl myself, your WORST fear is an interview and on stage question... I understand that many of these woman's first language is not English... but I do not think it is completely fair for the girls with interpreters to have more time to answer the questions... yes the interpreter had to speak and respond but the ladies were given an extra 30 seconds or so to even think about what they would say next. For example, France had no idea what she was going to say for the final question... "What have you failed at in life and turned it into a positive." She restated the question in her answer to stall time to think while the interpreter spoke... she then talked about a casting or something she didn't get and the next day she got something else. Then when Haiti was asked the same question she said she had dealt with an earthquake a few year back and thought her world was over because she couldn't help out but she turned over the page and worked hard and pushed her to be where she stands today... a much more in depth answer to me. But what did you think!?

Kenya was the first EVER woman to represent her country at the Miss Universe pageant. But it seemed as if she was thrown under the bus when they asked her an on stage question about American politics. If ANYONE should've answered that question it should been Miss USA (I know she didn't make it that far though). She answered the question to the best of her abilities but started off with "Ugh Politics".... you could tell she was really trying to pull something out positive about the current division of our 2 sided political system. (If they asked me that question I would've said thank you *mic drop* and walked away).

National Costume is always the most fun to watch! But some ladies really seemed to miss the mark. Miss Myanmar's costume (who won national costume) was terrible. It was a puppetry costume with a square "stage" behind her. It looked like a bad middle school theatre act. There were many other costumes that were more elaborate and told the story of their country. For example, Panama, France, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ukraine, India, Indonesia, Thailand.... and so many more. But what do you think?

Marina Jacoby, Miss Nicaragua

Keity Drennan, Miss Panama

Sal Garcia, Miss Dominican Republic

Kezia Warouw, Miss Indonesia

Finally, after watching everything and all was said and done, Miss Canada had some backlash that was uncalled for. Many people on social media were saying she is "fat", "plus size", "the largest contestant"... Just because she is fit and muscular. She does not have one once of fat or jiggle on her! As a plus size model it is hard for me to understand why people always have to talk about someone's size. She is at most a size 8. She is beautiful and in shape. One thing she said on stage was that she is a marathon runner. Clearly a fit in shape BEAUTIFUL woman!!!! But what do you think?

Miss Canada's swimsuit look.(Photo: Alex Mertz, Miss Universe Organization)

All in all, The competition this year was tough but all the ladies did an AMAZING job representing what they stand for and their countries! This time next year we will yet again be saying goodbye to our newly crowned queen, Iris ( Miss France ).

Till next time pageantry super bowl!!!

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