I don't know if it has been the absolute bitter cold or the dreary snow days that eventually turn into blackish slush but the past couple days I have been especially missing summer. Personally, once all of the holidays pass (including my birthday which is December 23rd) I am through with what winter has to offer. There is nothing appealing about your limbs getting so cold that when you finally manage to warm them up they hurt so freaking bad. I would much rather be on the beach with my best friend as opposed to freezing in my dorm room under my heated blanket.

Another part that might be making me miss summer so much, is that the past two years I have made some incredible memories that I will always carry with me. I met my best friend, I went off to college, I finally did driving school, I got to go to the beach a number of times, etc. There is something about looking outside and seeing the sunshine flood through your windows and warm your skin that makes me so happy. I would give almost anything to be able to relive one of those beautiful summer days right now.

I hope that this summer will somehow manage to be better than the past two I have had although I doubt that will ever happen. However, if I get to spend it with my best friend again it just might end up being yet another fabulous summer that I will never forget.