I Miss Home
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I Miss Home

I may miss home but I wouldn't be anywhere else.

I Miss Home
Taylor Martinek

I am from the middle of nowhere.

A map dot on a piece of paper

Where the days move fast and the people move slow

Content to be exactly where they are

As a kid, I wanted so much more

There was a big world out there and I had to see it all

I still do

But if these city lights have taught me anything

It's that sometimes life needs to slow down

I miss home

I miss the miles of cornfields and pastures

I miss the farmers who tend to them with so much care

I miss when traffic was just a tractor passing through town

I miss the cycle of farming

The sight of the newly turned dirt in the spring

The smell of fresh cut hay in the summer

The golden color of the fields as they are harvested in the fall

Even the clean, open, snowy fields in the winter

I miss the open space

I miss the stars

The city lights are pretty, but nothing compares to a clear summer night

And nothing compares to the quiet

I miss the people

I miss everyone knowing exactly who I am

Who's kid I am

Who's grandkid I am

Even if I don't have a clue who they are

Now there's only traffic to hear

And crowds to see

Nothing but concrete for miles

And not a star in the sky at night

Now no one knows who I am

Like they would even care

It means I have my work cut out for me

I must prove my worth

Show I belong

Don't get me wrong

I was right to leave

But sometimes, I yearn for my childhood

All those years spent oblivious to the rest of the world

I'm on my own

In a city almost too big for this small town girl

But I'm excited

I have the world at my fingertips

And the memories of home in my heart

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