5 Things You Miss At Campus Over Break

Yes, going home for breaks is great. You get to actually sleep in, relax and, well, not do homework for once. However, there are also things that you miss, and once you start missing them you're so ready to be back. Here are 6 things that will make you realize you already miss school.

1. Friends


This one is probably the most obvious, but friends is a big one. It's especially difficult if you're from out of state because it's either a super long drive or a plane ride to see them over the break. When you go from seeing them everyday to not, it's a big switch. It's also like a separation issue.

Honestly, this gif is probably you next time you see them.

2. The "Let's Avoid Homework" Netflix Binges 


Because everyone knows it's not the same when you actually HAVE time to binge Netflix. You just want to avoid homework and Netflix really just isn't that fun when you don't have something else to do.

3. Whatever Series You're Watching With Your Roommates


You just know that they'd hate you if you watched ahead... but it's so tempting. Maybe just watch ahead and don't let them know? Or facetime date it?

4. Not Having To Exercise At The Gym 


You know, because the stress walk to class when you're running late is good enough. The walk that would have you sweating in 20 degree weather just doesn't exist when you're at home.

5. Homework? Maybe? 


I mean at least it was something productive to do with your time? During winter break, that productive time is spent on catching up on all the sleep that you lost the semester before.

6. Basketball Games


Or whichever sporting event that you're into. The games are always just a little too small in the student section during break. You just hope your team knows you're cheering them on from home.

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