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7 Things I Know I'll Miss about A California Summer

All the items I will miss dearly when I'm away for summer.

7 Things I Know I'll Miss about A California Summer
Eliese Haerle

As much as I have been traveling and despite the fact I go to school out of state, I have never spent the summer outside my home state of California. Coming home and escaping from the stress of school and finding part time jobs to make some easy cash has always been my go-to, but this year I will be across the country with a full-time internship.

While I'm in the sticky heat of Chicago, here is a list of things I will remember about California and will be sad to leave behind.

1. Mexican food

The minute I got home from being abroad, I went and bought a burrito. It is really true when they say southern California has the best Mexican food in the nation. I'm more than devastated to leave my favorite restaurants behind. Goodbye Rudy's, El Pueblo and Taco Stand, you will truly be missed.

2. The beach

This is a pretty obvious one. I really didn't start to appreciate going to the beach until I went off to school in the Midwest. Lying out in the sun, jumping over the waves and collecting broken fragments of seashells are things I now look forward to every single summer. Though I won't have my typical Encinitas beaches, Chicago does have a "version" of a beach. It won't be the same, but it will have to do.

3. My dogs

I have two labs back at home, and I rarely see them since I don't go to school near my hometown. It will be hard not being able to play our daily game of fetch or hear their barking around meal time. I hope to hear updates over calls with my family, but until then I will have to wait until December to be reunited.

4. The weather

As many know, southern California weather is absolutely wonderful. Yes, it truly is high 60s to mid-70s almost all year round. Chicago, however, is a completely different story. Though I'm still thrilled to have sunny weather after being in Ireland for the past four months, I am dreading the humidity, especially since I'll be dressed in business attire.

5. In N Out

In N Out will absolutely be missed. This burger joint is one of the first places on my bucket list when I come back home for a short five days. I look forward to seeing you once more in December.

6. Casual clothes

Everything in southern California is more casual, even when it comes to work clothes. While walking around downtown Chicago in my nice work heels, I will attempt to remember the comfy caress of my beach flip-flops.

7. Driving

I know I'm a terrible driver, but I will miss the ease of jumping into the car to grab something from CVS or take a spin to the beach. I wouldn't want to drive in Chicago with the traffic, but I will still miss the freedom I feel when I'm behind the wheel.

And those, ladies and gents, are the seven things I believe I will miss most when it comes time to depart from California this weekend. Although I leave behind many items and activities I enjoy, I look forward to my time in Chicago. I have so many activities to be thrilled about like my internship, spending the summer with one of my closest friends I met abroad, and of course, the pizza!

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