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7 things you'll miss about cU during the summer

Here's what makes every buffalo a little homesick.

7 things you'll miss about cU during the summer

1. The flatirons

Nothing like some good flatties in the morning, or evening, or afternoon. The perfect surface to hike or ski on is right in your back yard! It's the most majestic view you could possibly imagine, making any window look like a painting. This view makes walking to class in the snow totally worth it.

2. Norlin

Both the quad and the library are truly special areas. Firstly, the quad is the best spot to lay out, catch some sun (or some Z's) on a sunny Colorado day. This area is also where student government brings out those adorable little therapy dogs right when you need it most. You might be on the verge of a mental breakdown, but walking past the quad with 20 little floofs running around with surly brighten your day. Furthermore, if you make it inside the library, you will be greeted with the Hogwarts-esque structure of high, wooden ceilings and large windows. It's a grand, yet tranquil area which I do miss.

3. Cosmos

Cosmos is my universe and spicy ranch is my life blood.

But seriously, I cannot think of a more satisfying experience than walking home from the hill after a long night of studying and getting a big 'ol slice of cosmos and a cup of spicy ranch. Cosmos loves me. Cosmos is always there for me. Occasionally they (I say 'they' because I'm not sure who it was. God? Santa? I don't know.) would have Cosmos provided for us...FREE... in our residence hall. These days were blissful, and really brought us together as a community.

4. Your BFFs

(My apologies to those not pictured)

College is where you meet your bridesmaids, your brothers from other mothers, your forever friends, those buddies who are going to babysit your children while you're going through your third divorce. There is something to be said about living a few feet away from these special people. What I personally miss the most, is not being right by their side during these summer months.

5. School sponsored events

There are some school sponsored events that are a little atypical. For example, goat yoga is something that you probably wouldn't find at most universities. However, at CU Boulder we like to incorporate animals into our daily routine. Because goat yoga is great exercise, reduces stress, and is just all-around fun, the school thought it would be a good thing to have, and I really appreciate that! They're really taking care of our mental health out there.

6. The skiing

Even if you're not as good as the natives (me because I'm from the East Coast), spending a weekend in the mountains with your friends are memories that cannot be beat. Campus is 30 minutes away from some of our nation's best ski trails, which makes it the perfect getaway when you have a free weekend...or even a free day can be turned into a skication. The mountains are your oyster.

7. The Hill

Where else are you going to find a restaurant for acai bowls across the street from place that only contains deep fried items. Well, in the same place where you'll find a dude who has dedicated his life to being a Rastafarian next to someone studying for their aerospace engineering exam.

The hill is diverse and colorful, and I've never seen another place quite like it. It's filled with quirks and some of the best late night food you'll ever have.

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