Your Instagram Profile Looks Fake, Sorry

News Flash, Your Instagram Is Just As Misleading As Your Real Life

We know you only use the 1 best picture out of the 136 you took.

Kate Moore

Listen, I'm a college student...I get it. You only see certain people you know here and there. And the ones you see the most often are the strange kids in your Bio class, all over campus.

As a result, your social media becomes your platform for showing the world what you're doing. Whether or not what you are actually doing is as fun as your picture makes it look.

But recently, it has become more noticeable than ever that people are truly forgetting the purpose of social media. When Instagram launched in 2010, I was an innocent 10-year-old who posted things like the sky, my school lunch, or an embarrassing photo of my friend. I overused the filter Valencia on Instagram and thought that putting a white border around all my photos made me look cooler.

Fast forward 8 years, and now all I see is girls Yeti-butting, half-naked in bathing suits on the beach, posing so provocatively in the middle of dinner, or pretending like their life is as fun as it looks on their profile.

It is so easy to only post the great parts of your life, and hide the ones you don't want your ex-best friend, high school teacher, or grandma to see.

And honestly, please, feel free to make your profile any way you would like it. Be my guest!

I am just simply creating a PSA for anyone who is comparing their real life, to someone's social media life.

It is a personal (maybe insecurity) but a personal problem that some lack such an awesome life that they need to make up for it online.

Stop putting up a front.

Another frightening thing that I have heard is that ladies feel as if they have not had a fulfilled life unless they post it to others. Think about it. Someone could be experiencing the time of their life...traveling the world, making memories, or spending time with great friends. But, they don't feel satisfied with their life since they have not gotten to share their life with others behind a computer screen.

Don't limit yourself and your life. Make your social media true to yourself. Aim to make your profile a digit scrapbook, not a collection of things you experienced half-ass because the post and caption were more worth it.

Maybe then your life will become as fun as your social media looks.

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