There are so many assumptions that come with going into teaching. Here are 10 common misconceptions for all the future teachers out there:

1. You went into teaching because you get summers off.

Teachers DO NOT get summers off. Yes, I do not have to attend my classroom and teach, but the summer is spent prepping for the next year, doing professional development, getting another certification and so much more.

2. The school gives you money for classroom supplies.

This is a very touchy subject when it comes to parents. Some schools may give you a small budget but most schools do not. So everything you see in your child's classroom likely came out of your teachers pocket. So if you are asked to bring your own box of crayons, it may just be the nice thing to do.

3. Teachers only work from 9-4.

Like the summer one, just because I may not be in a classroom doesn't mean my day is done. From grading papers, lesson planning, parent emails and so on the day is never-ending.

4. A teachers only job is to teach.

Only about 40% of our job is actually done in the classroom. Just like our hours are not only 9-4, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes.

5. Teachers only care about the kids when they are teaching them.

There are so many sleepless nights where you will go to bed thinking about a child and their wellbeing. Those kids become a part of you and you care for them as if they were your own biological children.

6. Teachers get a ton of support.

Teaching is one of the most underpaid and underworked professions. Usually having zero support from parents and the community, and barley and form your school; it is your job to make sure your classroom stays running.

7. If you can't do, teach.

Often people just assume you failed at your major and that's why you went into teaching, so you can master it. When actually people who are teachers are usually very gifted in their field and want to share that passion with their students. Think about it, why would someone who struggles in math want to teach math all day every day?

8. A teacher is just a glorified babysitter.

Am I overseeing your child's care for 8 hours a day? Yes. Am I also giving them the tools to succeed for the rest of their lives? Yes. Sometimes I am more of a parent to those children than what they have at home and I am giving them the stepping stones to achieve whatever they want to in life.

9. Your degree isn't hard.

Not only do I have to observe 100 hours in a classroom BEFORE even students teaching, take classes to be mastery in every subject, create 10-week unit plans for practice that will never see the light of day and so on. But I also have to be ready to teach a class of 30 kids alone the day I graduate. Talk about pressure.

10. Being a teacher is easy.

Who taught you to be a doctor, a lawyer, accountant? That's right a teacher. There are many different kinds and levels of teachers but without one you would not be in the profession that you are today. You didn't just become who and what you are today, someone had to show you how to do it.

So the next time you are taking your teachers for-granted, just remember these 10 things and maybe appreciate them and future teachers a little more!