7 Of The Biggest Misconceptions About Sororities
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Let's be honest. The first thing that comes to mind when a person says "Sorority" or "Fraternity" is probably some scene out of a movie where the sorority girls are partying with the "Frat" guys. That's what the media has portrayed them out to be, in today's society joining one of this organizations can result in people saying "Your paying for your friends." I was the biggest skeptic when it came to sororities. But after a split decision to go out for recruitment my views have changed immensely. I didn't expect to love it so much. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions about sororities and the truth behind them.

1. All sorority girls do is party

Just because most organizations are considered a "Social" organization does not mean that's all we do. Most have a minimum GPA requirement. As well as rules pertaining to the 'partying' we supposedly do. Because of the media, sororities are cautious when it comes to this topic. Particularly because a sorority is so much than what meets the eye.

2. Your paying for your friends

Last time I checked, I wasn't paying to have friends. I have managed to find them on my own. This is another huge misconception, a person isn't paying for friends. They are paying to help keep there organization running as well as some of that money going to the philanthropies the organization supports. If a person has chosen the right sorority, they definitely won't feel this way. Every organizations dues are different and broken up different ways. So the dues one may have maybe different from there friends.

3. That we all look and act the same

We definitely don't look the same or act the same. When you join a sorority you meet so many new people. Tall, short, blonde haired, brunette. Everyone has there own story, it's part of what makes them unique.

4. That were not intelligent 

This is another one the media has contributed to. In movies, you don't see the nursing majors at the party, or the special education. Sorority have guidelines when it comes to grades. Most of the time when you see sisters together around campus, textbooks almost always out. We help each other out and support one another. Just because I'm not good at math doesn't mean the entire group of sisters is.

5. There is "hazing" involved

Again a big no no. Movies have portrayed this so many times and it's simply untrue. Once again, there are anti hazing policies put into place for these organizations. If broken, they could be fined or shut down completely. Every organizations new member process is different, but hazing is not part of it.

6. That we think were better than you

Girls can be mean, but sorority girl do not think they are above the rest because of the letters they wear. We wear are letters with pride, because that means something to us. We don't think we are better than anyone. We don't receive special treatment, we have to work just as hard as anyone else.

7. We are 'Cliquey' and don't talk to anyone else outside of our sorority 

All of us have friends that aren't in a sorority. My best friends are aren't in a sorority, we don't limit ourselves to those with in our organization. We don't not include anyone because they aren't part of Greek Life, or a certain club.

Being in a sorority means so much more than that meets the eye. It means far more than the Instagram pictures, it means being there for one another. Accepting them for who they are, being there for there highs, lows, and greatest triumphs. It means raising money for organizations your passionate about. Being in a sorority isn't like any other club. We are a family,

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