Hey you! Listen up. Whether I know you or not, I can tell you this for a fact -- you are valuable.

But let me rewind a little to give this some context by telling you one of my biggest pet peeves --when someone calls me beautiful. Or pretty. Or attractive. Or gorgeous. Or any word they perceive is a good adjective to describe my physicality.

Those words are meaningless. Complete and utter nonsense.

When you overuse something, it tends to lose its meaning. Well in a society focused on physical beauty, those words have lost their meaning as everyone strived to become them.

We waste too much time and energy fostering this concept of physical beauty that everyone needs to be. We hope and pray that we are born with it, and if we aren't, we worry about how to enhance what we were born with to become more physically desirable. All this while we could just be spending time fostering our own unique rarities.

Now don't get me wrong, I definitely do not mind being called beautiful. I'll probably blush and get all flustered and have nothing to respond. But if you really want to compliment someone, don't use these words. Or at least not by themselves.

Pixar has an important insight in The Incredibles. Syndrome, the villain, says "If everyone is super, no one is." That's what "beautiful" has become. We have minimized it to mean nothing. We call everyone beautiful. It is no longer special.

But you know what is still special?

- A person's inspiring creativity.

- The passion a person puts into a sport.

- Being actively and genuinely kind.

- A hilarious sense of humor.

- Having a positive outlook on life.

- Loyalty to the people around you.

- The fire in someone's eyes when they're doing something they love.

- Having an overwhelming amount of patience.

- Being wonderfully eccentric.

And so, so, so many other things. So many so that we definitely don't need to be focusing on the arbitrary "beauty.”

These are things that still matter. These are the things we should be recognizing in others. These are the things that are unique about us. And we each have so many things about us that are unique. And we definitely don't need to call these unique qualities our "inner beauty." Beauty is physical, these qualities are not. They are so much more.

We don’t go around telling everyone they are creative or athletic or any of those items on the list up there, and those are all amazingly special things about a human. So why should we be forcing ourselves to believe that the one compliment to strive most for is the one we give everyone? The one that is insignificant.

So forget about being beautiful or pretty or attractive. It's worthless. And you are far from worthless.

Look, it's okay to want to be beautiful! Please don't think I'm saying it's not something that is okay to want. It's important to feel beautiful. And it's okay to call people beautiful as well if you think they are!

But there needs to be more than that. We can think we are beautiful and we can think others are beautiful, as long as we recognize the other treasures we hold.

We all have something special that we are good at. Something we work for. Something valuable. Why focus on the worthless things?

So yeah. I might not know you. But I promise -- you are valuable