5 Stages Of Spring Break According To The Minions

5 Stages Of Spring Break According To The Minions

Sometimes, those weird little yellow people are more relatable than actual humans


For many colleges, this time of year brings with it Spring Break. Whether students spend it at home, visiting friends, or in some warm destination, it is a well-deserved break from the jam-packed, fast-paced Spring Semester. In most schedules, this mid-semester break is the only day off in the entire semester. In comparison to Fall with its many breaks (Labor Day, sometimes Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break quickly followed by Christmas), the Spring can both fly by and suck the life out of even the most diligent students. By the time March rolls around, college students daydream (and real dream) about time away from campus - and any time of sleep and relaxation will do.

And while there may be a variety of ways to pass this wonderful week, there are certain emotions that are universal of the Spring Break experience. No one captures these emotions better (or cuter) than the Minions. While their voices and garbled speech may being incredibly annoying to watch in the movies, their genuine emotions and expressive (giant) faces capturing the universal Spring Break experience.

1. The "Oh my God" I finally get to LEAVE moment.


Wave goodbye to friends, give a goodbye to your favorite professor. And quickly and quietly back out of the room before anyone can stall your escape to freedom and relaxation.

2. The "I haven't see any form of entertainment other than assigned documentaries and Internet videos in two months" moment.


Whether going to a concert, going to a movie theater, or laying in bed with a Netflix binge - everyone takes some time to watch some non-academic entertainment during Spring Break. It is the universal way to relax, and the minions are all of us when our favorite celebrity comes on screen or stage.

3. The "I deserve a bath" and/or the "I'm going swimming like now" moment.

Minions Thong GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

While slightly diverse depending on locale, the general sentiment is the same. Whether going sunbathing or just taking a good 'ole relaxing bath in the tub, this minion has relaxation down to an art form.

4. The "SHOPPING" moment. Enough said.

Excited Shopping GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

Whether going shopping for souvenirs on a vacation or dragging a parent to the mall to buy summer clothes (with the "I didn't get to go on vacation" excuse) almost everyone takes advantage of the sudden appearance of clothes and sporting gear that reminds us that this cold weather has to break eventually.

5. The "I'm finally in a bed bigger than a Twin XL" moment.


The most common complaint I hear from my friends about their college dorms or apartments (especially if they can't furnish it themselves) is that the beds suck. Too hard. Too soft. And always too small. The best part of coming home is that it's my bed. There's nothing better. (Except maybe being on vacation in an oversized hotel bed you don't have to make yourself.) But either way, a bed to spread out in is the biggest necessity of a relaxing spring break.

Whatever your plans are, I hope that you enjoy your spring break!

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19. "It's Saturday y'all, here's the plan..."

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10 Things To Bring A Smile To Your Face As You Push Through The Post Spring Break Struggle

The post spring break blues are a legitimate thing.


The time has come to settle back in to finish out the semester. There are three or so months left requiring your time, dedication, and hard work and right now it seems rather daunting. As you find your way back into the school groove, here are ten things that'll bring a smile back into your life as you push through.

1. Funny dog videos. 

2. Warmer weather is coming. 

4. The stress is only temporary!

5. There will be time to binge watch your favorite show soon enough. 

6. All of this is going to pay off and you'll have a degree to show for it! 

7. It's girl scout cookie season!

8. BuzzFeed is always posting new quizzes to take advantage of. 

9. Payless is going out of business so you can go buy yourself some cheap shoes. 

10. Winter clothing and other items have begun the markdown period so you can give in a little to the shopping itch. 

Summer will be here before you know it, so give these next couple months all you've got. It pays off!

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