10 Reasons Why Milwaukee Is Amazing

10 Reasons Why Milwaukee Is Amazing

From the history and culture to food and nightlife, Milwaukee is the place to be.

Being born and raised right outside of Milwaukee, I may be slightly biased as to why I believe Milwaukee truly is the most amazing city. Young and old alike, there is something to do at every corner. Whether you're interested in culture or history, food or bar hopping, there is something in this city for everyone. Here are just a few reasons why I see this to be true.

1. Surrounded by History

Milwaukee is full of history and culture every corner you turn. Whether it's the themed restaurants, museums, art galleries, or even just the architecture, history is everywhere. Milwaukee is both a modern and classic city. You can do a day trip and visit the art museum along the lakefront, then go across town and visit the Milwaukee Public Museum and learn even more about the city and state's great history.

2. Festivals

When I say Milwaukee has a festival nearly every weekend, I'm not kidding. Especially in summer, weekends are filled with cultural festivals, music festivals, street festivals, and so much more. There is something for everyone, whether you enjoy food, culture, music, art, shopping, every weekend is an adventure, you just have to be on the lookout for those low-key events.

3. Summerfest

Summerfest, the largest music festival in the world. Eleven days filled with drinks, food, music, and entertainment. Eleven-day passes are typically $80 (the prices may change). Performers include anyone from Luke Bryan to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Imagine Dragons to Ludacris and so much more. With multiple stages along the lakefront, there are hours of entertainment to fill even a single day.

4. The Nightlife

Milwaukee's nightlife is quite possibly the best you'll ever experience. There are streets in Milwaukee dedicated to bars, pubs, clubs, and more. You can bar hop all through the hours of bar close. There are even themed bars for everyone's style: country, rock, Irish pub, and so much more. One of my personal favorites: Line Water Street in Downtown Milwaukee. The nightlife is not trashy or filled with drunks, it is filled with people socializing and loving life and laughing together. It truly is a great experience.

5. Lake Michigan

To me, Lake Michigan is an ocean. It is so large and vast that it is amazing. Marinas and piers line the lake. You can even go surfing in Lake Michigan if the waves are big enough! Just remember a wetsuit. Wisconsin also has beaches, believe it or not. Bradford Beach, in Milwaukee, has sand volleyball tournaments, spikeball tournaments, a concession stand, a bar, and the water. It's the perfect place to relax in the summer or during those spring semester finals.

6. The Food

Milwaukee is FILLED with food! Whether you want some homemade cheese curds or even craving a burger, you can walk down a street and find tons and tons of food options. Like I said before, there is a lot of themes in downtown Milwaukee, whether it be an Irish pub or a Korean Restaurant, there is food from all over the world in this city.

7. Hidden Spots

I considered myself a bit of an adventurer throughout high school and found some quite interesting spots throughout the city. There are hidden abandoned warehouses perfect for the up and coming photographer. There are old schools that are no longer in use. Even just around an alley could be a hidden world that nobody knows about. You just have to keep your eyes peeled and do some research. Who knows, you may stumble upon some hidden history in the city itself.

8. The People Are So Friendly

People say Southern Hospitality is the thing, but have you ever been around people from the Midwest? Walking the street, people will say "hello" and ask how you're doing, and no, they are not trying to sell you things. I have never been around a group of more genuine and real people than I have in the Midwest.

9. The Job Opportunities

Milwaukee has always been an up and coming city, growing nearly every day. Companies such as Harley Davidson were founded and grew in the Heart of Milwaukee. Whether you're interested in business, engineering, healthcare, there is a job for you in Milwaukee.

10. You're Never Bored

When I say there is something to do for everyone, I mean it. Milwaukee is a hustle and bustle type city, lost in the business work day but down for a couple of beers with coworkers once the work day is over. With festivals on the weekends and street fairs at night, there is always something to do in this amazing city.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Biro

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10 Of The Best Ways To Be A Tourist In Southern California

I have been to L.A so many times it's practically my second home.

You don't have to travel far to vacation and have a good time. I realized that this last winter break. I've traveled to California many times; more specifically I have been to L.A so many times it's practically my second home.

I've done a lot of the main things that you would want to do and it didn't seem too exciting to me after a while, but then I got to talking with a friend about the different things I have done in California and realized I have done a lot in the many years I have visited. There are so many things that many people may not even realize you can do in California.

1. Manhattan Beach

Take a trip to Manhattan beach on a sunny day and enjoy the waves and go seashell hunting. You can also go paddle boarding and surfing while here.

2. Six Flags

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush be sure to head over to Six Flags. There are many rides and fun carnival games to choose to enjoy.

3. Universal Studios

Be sure to check out Universal Studios and enjoy the mix of action-packed shows and rides. There's also a city walk full of stores and places to eat if you are looking for more of a laid-back evening.

4. Little Mexico

Enjoy the culture in little Mexico and try some good Mexican snacks and drinks and find cool trinkets to take back home.

5. Hollywood Boulevard

Walk down Hollywood Boulevard, sightsee the cool theaters, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, many shopping malls, and clubs.

6. Porto's Bakery

Visit Porto's bakery. There is so much deliciousness in this bakery from fruit pies to delicious baguettes.

7. The Grove

If you like to shop, be sure to stop at the Grove. It has many boutique shops, and the decorations are beautiful during the holidays.

8. NBA game

If you're into sports be sure to check out an NBA game. It is worth your time and very fun to do on a casual Tuesday night.

9. Malibu Beach

I'm very into beaches and have been to many while visiting California. Malibu beach is beautiful, plus Malibu itself has a very fun beach town vibe.

10. San Pedro

Love the sea and seafood? Be sure to stop by San Pedro and get your seafood fix. Their shrimp and lobster are to die for.

Cover Image Credit: Cruz photos

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Living In The Moment When Traveling Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Be present.

I recently took a trip to Seattle, Washington for my friend's bachelorette weekend and I really wanted to make this trip memorable. One, because I had never been to Seattle and two, because we were there celebrating my good friend and to be a part of this time in her life is something I'm grateful for.

I brought along my camera to make a vlog of the trip/special occasion. I was taking pictures and videos of us on the plane, train, car ride, walking around while exploring and I realized, I'm looking at this trip from a different perspective, through a lens. I'm looking back at all those memories from a screen, which is what I would be doing anyway when I would come home from the trip and reminisce.

I decided to put my camera away and just soak in everything. For this, I'm so glad I did. We were only there for a short period of time and I wanted to make this something memorable. Instead of looking at downtown Seattle through my camera screen or from my iPhone, I decided to look at it with my own eyes. I took in the sights and sounds, the beauty of the sun setting at 4:30 in the afternoon. To see my friend looking so happy to be surrounded by people who care about her and to be sharing this with her.

Sure, I don't have as many pictures as I would like to look back on, but t least I have my stories to share. Plus, I can always Google what these places look like at any point in time. So, the next time you're on vacation, try to not Snapchat it all or record all of it on a camera.

Be present and take it all in.

Every second counts.

Cover Image Credit: Ilana Mekler

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