3 Reasons Why Millennials Should Watch Seinfeld

3 Reasons Why Millennials Should Watch Seinfeld

Seinfeld takes us back to a time when we could connect with people in person, not just through Snapchats.


I, like many other millennials, grew up watching sitcoms. My upbringing consisted of "Friends" reruns, "How I Met Your Mother" episodes, and more recently, streaming "New Girl" on Netflix.

These sitcoms rely on the relatability of its characters. The ideal romantic traits of Ross and Jess, the witty remarks of Chandler and Barney, and the lovable goofiness of Joey and Winston are all qualities and characteristics we recognize from our own lives.

Whenever I watched these sitcoms, adults would always tell me to watch Seinfeld, that Seinfeld is where these sitcoms really began. I personally thought I would find the show to be outdated with it taking place in the '80s and '90s. This preconception turned out to be completely false.

"Seinfeld" is one of those shows that draws you in with its unfailing humor, crazy scenarios, and applicability far beyond the scope of its time.

Here are a few reasons why "Seinfeld" should be on the watchlist of all millennials.

1. The cast is small but exceptionally unique in every aspect

Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer. That's it. Four people with separate lives that are intertwined by their friendship. In a lot of the newer sitcoms, the cast is composed of at least 5-6 characters but in Seinfeld, the characters have such big personalities that there's no need for anyone else.

2. The humor regarding relationships or love or jobs is relatable to this day

Jerry begins and ends the show from bits of his stand-up comedy shows that hint at the story of each episode, but the jokes make you look a little closer at the norms of society we take for granted.

3. There really is something nostalgic about watching Seinfeld

In a time where most of our communication happens through social media or texting or just online in general, it's refreshing to watch a show where all of the characters interact in person and cell phones haven't yet made it onto the scene.

Seinfeld really started the boom for the love of sitcoms. It's hard to talk about the greatest sitcoms without leading with Seinfeld because of its genuine take on life and love and friendship. Seinfeld takes us back to a time where we could connect with people in person through conversation and laughter, not just through Snapchats. Take a chance on Seinfeld, you won't regret it.

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