Millennials On The Move
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Millennials On The Move

One Detroit business is making the on-the-go lifestyle simpler.

Millennials On The Move
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No Tools, No Screws, Less Parts.

Made In Detroit

Built for millennials on the move, FLOYD, a Detroit-based furniture design company is taking a new approach to the lifestyles of people on the move. Creating a surface into a table, chair, or usable storage area, FLOYD's leg design allows users to design, construct, and collapse their own custom furniture to fit their own personal tastes and available space. Turning a stool into a table, foot rest, or storage self, FLOYD's leg concept allows the user to personalize any surface into a usable structure that can later be collapsed and stored to free up space. Perfect for any cramped college student or person living on-the-go, these stable wonders can create a living space that is not only manageable, but affordable. Imagine never having to buy new furniture when your space becomes too cramped or when old furniture is no longer functional for your living arrangement.

Kyle Hoff, an architecture student who moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan to receive his Masters at the University of Michigan had assembled and disassembled too much

IKEA furniture in his lifetime. The big moves posed issues not only moving the furniture, but finding space to store and reconstruct them. According to an interview with Hoff and his business partner, Alex O'Dell, by the Detroit News, this drew the pair to the conclusion that, "Furniture needs to be more adaptable and suited for millennials living in cities." This push for innovation lead to their design concept, creating more manageable living spaces for millennial.

Check out their interview with the Detroit News:

The Branch to Success

Together Alex O'Dell and Kyle Hoff living in a cramped apartment in Ann Arbor, Michigan, devised a solution that combined the simplicity and affordability of IKEA furniture with the ability to move and reconstruct it easily. Working with fabricators to devise the first prototype, the two introduced their easy installation leg concept through a Kickstarter campaign in January 2014. With a goal to raise $18,000 for 100 leg sets, the pair topped their expectations, raising $256,000. Floyd Legs are available in black, white, yellow and red and range from $179 for a coffee table set to $285 for a dining table set. Free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. allows for any user to not only create a customizable set of furniture for their own living situation, but to create useful and reusable furniture from the resources available to them. Expanding into bed frames and other office essentials, Floyd is looking to re-design the way individuals think about their living situations and to create a design that adheres to the needs of each individual user.
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