I understand that parenting can be hard. Nobody knows if what they are doing is right nor if their child will turn out alright. That being said, whatever parenting lets children plan to commit murder and drink the victim's blood seriously needs to be looked at.

In Bartow Florida, (because its always Florida isn't it) 2 girls were arrested for planning to murder their classmates and drink their blood. The girls planned to wait in the bathroom, stab and cut up their victim, and then drink their blood.

They planned this to "make them worse sinners" so they would be with Satan in hell. All of this caused by watching some scary movies over the weekend. Luckily their plan was stopped before anyone was hurt.

Can we take a second to recognize that two middle school girls planned to murder classmates and then proceed to commit suicide? We need to take a moment to fully let that fact set in.

I've heard of some messed up stuff in my life but this takes the cake. I applaud the administrators that stopped them and I'd really like to question the parents of those kids.

As I said earlier, parenting is not an exact science, far from it. However, if this was allowed to happen, then I think its safe to say that whatever the parents were doing wasn't a good idea.

The parents should really make clear that fiction is not real, and that no stock should be put in it. The fact that the kids did this because of scary movies is horrible. This incident just goes to show how bad our world has gotten.

Middle school students are able to plan a murdering spree.

To any new parents out there, please make sure your kid knows the difference between reality and fiction. Be diligent so they aren't able to sneak four knives to school. Please keep horror movies out of their reach.

The fact this happened is horrible and I hope it serves as a warning to us all to pay attention to our children.