10 Michael Scott Quotes That Don't Get Enough Credit

10 Michael Scott Quotes That Don't Get Enough Credit

“Well, well, well; how the turntables.”

I spend most of my life quoting my favorite TV shows in everyday conversation. My favorite show of all time is The Office. In the past two years, this show has been my escape and saving grace from depression. It is so witty, goofy, and lighthearted, just the tools I need to survive this college madness. Here are some of my favorite quotes said by the king himself, Michael Scott

1. “That's what she said.”

I know this is so silly and can be immature but the way Michael Scott says it makes it all ok. Throughout the entire show, Michael finds the perfect times to sneak one of these in while speaking with his coworkers.

2. “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

I just love the way this man thinks. I see myself in him sometimes, to be honest, and I strive to be as confident as him. Does anyone else have this much of an obsession with a television character or is it just me?

3. “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”

I am not going to discuss the context of where this quote came from because I do not want to spoil the show for anyone who hasn’t seen it but I just want it to be known that I say this quote at least once a week. Michael is so innocent and you can really see that when he tells the cameras this in a particular episode.

4. “Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information.”

I bet those of you who have not seen this show in its entirety are wondering, “How can a grown man be so dumb?” Eh, I wouldn’t call him dumb, I’d call him simple-minded. I appreciate this man too much to call him dumb!

5. “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.”

I don’t think there is a quote that I can relate to more than this one. Here, Michael is explaining that he pretty much wings everything that comes his way and just hopes that it all works out in the end. I do this all of the time and things actually end up working out better than expected!

6. “I tried to talk to Toby and be his friend, but that is like trying to be friends with an evil snail.”

In the show, Michael Scott absolutely hates another character, Toby, who works in Human Resources. We do not know exactly why Michael feels this way about Toby but it is just so funny to me how Michael thinks of these insults on the spot. His relationship with Toby is a playful, yet offending bond they share with one another, and fans like myself love it.

7. “You know what they say, ‘fool me once, strike one, but fool me twice… strike three.’”

Hearing Michael Scott say this in the TV show gets me every time. This is so funny to me because of how serious he is and that he means it. He speaks so confidently and the fact that he makes mistakes in his speech makes it even funnier!

8. “Just tell him to call me ASAP as possible.”

Once again, Michael does not realize he says phrases incorrectly 99% of the time which makes my day better. He is so oblivious and if you’re wondering, yes I do say this regularly to everyone I know.

9. “Well, well, well; how the turntables.”

This one is probably one of the most iconic Michael Scott quotes of all time. If you do not get the joke, what he is trying to say is “Well, well well. How the table have turned.” He is one big goof!

10. “It's a pimple, Phyllis. Avril Lavigne gets them all the time and she rocks harder than anyone alive.”

In this episode where this quote is found, Michael Scott gets a cold sore and feels self-conscious with it. He covers it on his face with a band-aid and the office questions him about it. I think this is so comical because he comes up with the greatest comebacks when you never expect it and this is definitely one of my favorites.

If you haven’t, I hope this article inspires you to watch The Office. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to laugh a lot. This type of comedy is right up my alley!

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11 Things You Understand If You Hate Physical Contact

Please keep your hands and feet away from me at all times.

We currently live in a world where EVERYONE LIKES TO TOUCH EACH OTHER. People enjoy hugs, high fives, tapping others on the shoulder, pokes, ect. For someone like you and me (I'm assuming you too since you clicked on this article), this is the WORST thing in the world. Whenever I think of someone touching me (even just a poke) without my permission my reaction is like Sofia Vergara in Modern Family.

I mean, when I take that love languages quiz, physical touch is always on the bottom of my preferences. So I thought to my self, you know I can't be the only person in the world that hates physical touching. So here are 11 things every person who hates physical touch will understand:

1. When people tickle you

I don't care that it's just for fun and jokes; I'm not laughing because I want to, you are literally forcing me to laugh. I hate you, get your greasy hands off of me before I make you get them off of me.

2. When people think they need to tap your shoulder to get your attention

As if simply saying "Hey" followed by my name wasn't enough. I don't need your grubby little fingers touching me. Now I'm annoyed with you before this conversation even started, what do you want?

3. When someone you barely know reaches in for a hug

I don't know who the heck you're thinking you're about to hug because it sure isn't going to be me. Hugs are reserved for people I know well and like, not you. Okay release me now, I am not enjoying this. LET ME GO.

4. When people tell you that you aren't an affectionate person

Are you aware there are ways to show my affection without constantly being all over you like a koala bear? Yes, I'm affectionate, hop off.

5. When someone is in your personal space

We could be best friends, we could be complete strangers. We could be lovers, I could hate your guts. We could be in private, we could be in public. I don't care what the situation is, if you're in my personal space uninvited GET OUT. There is no reason to be so close to me unwarranted.

6. You don't know how to comfort people

When you see an upset loved one, most people think they you should comfort then by pulling them into a long lasting hug. But, that's the kind of things that your nightmares are literally made out of. So, you stand there confused how you should comfort your friend/relative while also not sacrificing your touch moral code.

7. When people say you "look like you could use a hug"

Um no. I never could use one, get off of me. I will let you know when I want one.

8. When you're hugging someone wondering how soon you can release

Please end my suffering.

9. When you arrive at a social gathering and people rush to greet you with hugs

Let's not.

10. When you try to leave a social gathering by just waving to get out of goodbye hugs

Please no one make me hug you.

11. That one person who is allowed to hug you/touch you

This person, typically a significant other or best friend, gets to break all the "no touch" rules and we gladly accept their hugs and cuddles and public displays of affection. But only them, no one can copy them.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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15 Thing Only Early 2000's Kids Will Understand

"Get connected for free, with education connection"


This is it early 2000's babies, a compilation finally made for you. This list is loaded with things that will make you swoon with nostalgia.

1. Not being accepted by the late 90's kids.


Contrary to what one may think, late 90's and early 00's kids had the same childhood, but whenever a 00's kid says they remember something on an "only 90's kids will understand" post they are ridiculed.

2. Fortune tellers.


Every day in elementary school you would whip one of these bad boys out of your desk, and proceed to tell all of your classmates what lifestyle they were going to live and who they were going to marry.



You could never read this book past 8 o'clock at night out of fear that your beloved pet rabbit would come after you.

4. Silly bands.


You vividly remember begging your parents to buy you $10 worth of cheap rubber bands that vaguely resembles the shape of an everyday object.

5. Parachutes.


The joy and excitement that washed over you whenever you saw the gym teacher pull out the huge rainbow parachute. The adrenaline that pumped through your veins whenever your gym teacher tells you the pull the chute under you and sit to make a huge "fort".

6. Putty Erasers


You always bought one whenever there was a school store.

7. iPod shuffle.


The smallest, least technological iPpd apple has made, made you the coolest kid at the bus stop.

8. "Education Connection"

You knew EVERY wood to the "Education Connection" commercials. Every. Single.Word.

9. " The Naked Brothers Band"


The "Naked Brothers Band" had a short run on Nickelodeon and wrote some absolute bangers including, "Crazy Car' and "I Don't Wanna Go To School"

10. Dance Dance Revolution


This one video game caused so many sibling, friend, and parent rivalries. This is also where you learned all of your super sick dance moves.

11. Tamagotchi


Going to school with fear of your Tamagotchi dying while you were away was your biggest worry.

12. Gym Scooters


You, or somebody you know most likely broke or jammed their finger on one of these bad boys, but it was worth it.

13. Scholastic book fairs


Begging your parents for money to buy a new book, and then actually spending it on pens, pencils, erasers, and posters.



Who knew that putting yogurt in a plastic tube made it taste so much better?

15. Slap Bracelets


Your school probably banned these for being "too dangerous".

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