Rape culture and sexual assault have been huge issues for generations, but it often feels that society pretends that they don't or matter. They are overlooked and ignored amidst the flood of information available online. Well, in the Wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, some good is emerging. A few days ago, #metoo started trending on Twitter. Anyone who has ever been sexually assaulted or harassed is tweeting it, and the results have been astounding. It's not just famous people; thousands of women and men from all over have posted the hashtag and shared stories on social media. This movement is finally showing the vastness and enormity of the issue of sexual assault, something that has been under the radar for far too long. Something that has been a taboo topic is finally coming into the light, and people are finally addressing and realizing the reality and vastness of assault and harassment in our society.

Personally, I have been blessed to be protected from assault. I have not had to deal with some of the horrors that most women have dealt with. However, I know people who have been harassed or raped, and it is appalling. It is a huge problem for people everywhere, in fact, one in six women have been raped. Unfortunately, victims are often ignored or even blamed things that were not their fault. #Metoo is helping to finally make this a problem that we cannot ignore.

So to all the women and men who have courageously said #metoo,

Thank you.

You are making a difference, and changing the world. Your courage is revolutionary.