10 Reasons Meryl Streep Is The Coolest Woman Of All Time

Meryl Streep won the Lifetime Achievement Award last night at The Golden Globes and OMG was it well deserved. Meryl Streep is fearless, iconic, and a cinematic legend.

1. She Speaks Out About Women's Rights

The fact that Streep speaks about real world issues is so idol-worthy. It makes me so happy, as a woman, when powerful women use that power to their advantage. Talking to a large audience about issues that matter can open peoples' eyes. Some actors and actresses choose not to talk about the issues in fear of offending particular audiences, but Meryl has always spoken her truth.

2. Ageism in Hollywood Has Never Held Her Back

Sometimes, the discrimination of actors and actresses over the age of 30 becomes an issue for A-Listers, causing them to slowly disappear. Meryl Streep has continued to surprise everyone, creating a career off of pure talent. She has never missed a role because of her age and continues to awe us long into her late sixties.

3. Her Acting is Pure Gold

It doesn't matter who Meryl Streep is playing, she is always sure to steal the show! A Meryl Streep movie is always a good movie.

4. She's Not Afraid to Be Weird

Meryl Streep is so incredibly versatile, which is one of the reasons she continues to be cast. Not only is she unafraid to be weird, but she loves being weird. She's so fearless and the perfect role model for any aspiring actress.

5. She Can Literally Play Any Role

Whether Meryl Streep is playing a wicked witch in Into The Woods, an evil asshole of a boss in The Devil Wears Prada, or the cool mom in Greece, Streep is the Go-To for any lead role. There's a reason she won a lifetime achievement award!

6. She's Always Had a Good Reputation

While some celebrities use controversy and The Tabloids to their advantage, "All Publicity is Good Publicity" has never been a phrase in Meryl Streep's vocabulary. She doesn't use publicity to get ahead, speaks her mind, and keeps her squeaky-clean reputation in the process.

7. It's Hard for Her to Not Steal the Show

Streep has been cast as a supporting role plenty of times, but it's hard for every movie she's in to not be known as "A Meryl Streep Movie." This is just the truth. Supporting roles don't exist for Meryl Streep because she's a star.

8. She's the Classiest Woman Alive

I mean, how can you not want to be Meryl Streep? She's intelligent, witty, and absolutely stunning.

9. Though She's Beautiful, That's not the Only Reason People Love Her

There's no arguing that Meryl Streep is beautiful, but it's not just her beauty that won her three Academy Awards. There is such substance behind her beauty, which is what makes her truly beautiful.

10. She's Absolutely Timeless

Long live Meryl Streep, the legend!

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