The Mercury Retrograde: Why It Seems To Have Messed Me Up

It seems that this year the Mercury retrograde has occurred more than once and it is coming for round 3 this fall. I never knew what it meant for Mercury to be in retrograde, but after some research, it explains why this month has been a sh*t show for me.

What is the Mercury Retrograde?

For all of those who believe in astrology and planets, this month has been quite a show for you. When Mercury is in Retrograde, it means that the planet may seem that it has reversed in orbit, when it, in fact, has not. It is an illusion to our eyes and it seems to affect not only our personal lives but technology and communication.

Some specific effects include a feeling of not getting enough done, getting a setback in projects you were working on, a loose connection in relationships, feelings of self- doubt, and you might notice yourself questioning yourself. These are all things I have seen some of my friends experience over the course of the past month.

Some of us have felt off this past month, not only has Mercury in retrograde, but there have been eclipses, such as a lunar eclipse. This has made some feel as if it is heavy for us, but will also guide us in the right direction.

How has it affected me?

Although this month I have done some traveling, my personal life has felt like it has been in the dark.

Some relationships ended and I have learned maybe it was for the better. At first, I felt as if everything that was going on around me was my fault when in fact I had no control over it. I just started to see the true sides of people.

After doing some reading on the effects on my zodiac sign, a Libra will go through tough times with personal relationships, romantic or friends, and unfortunately, it was tough in both of those.

In terms of technology and communications, I ran into bumps on a couple of trips I went on this month such as delayed flights and phone malfunctions, which all can be very irritating if you are not prepared.

How to survive it

I honestly had no clue what the retrograde was until a few weeks ago. I saw a bunch of memes on it, but never really looked into it. Then I noticed that everything that was happening around me were around the same times. I looked more into it and I came across several articles on such as "Mercury Retrograde: How to Survive A Three-Week Communication Crisis". In the article it talks about how one should not start on any new projects, this can help with avoiding set-backs that you may come across. Make sure to also double check all of your work before submitting ANYTHING.

It is also good to reconnect with your roots, such as meeting with an old friend, reminisce the past. It is okay to get sentimental, and remember, it is okay to practice forgiveness. That has been hard for me, but I have learned that it is for the better and you just need to let go. Nothing good will come from not forgiving a situation.

Although there is a lot of chaos within the past few weeks, there is always good in every bad. Take the time to work on something that is unfinished, like me, I always have projects I start but never finish.

If you can handle this chaos, every bump in the road will come easy. August is here and it is time for a breath of fresh air.

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