Everyone gets a mental block at some point. Some people get creative blocks, others get what I am going to call analytical blocks, the things that don’t necessarily require artistic inspiration but need mental work nonetheless. They are unique to who we are but cause us a similar feeling of being stifled. Some people have multiple outlets that all end up getting blocked and there are those who have one main outlet that gets blocked.

I am the former. I find myself caught up in multiple blocks at the moment. That is just a part of reality and doing things that rely on your brain (everything). You develop a routine even without meaning to, you keep going along with it, and you get pooped out. At least that is how it happens for me. I have been having a difficult time working on the things I need to; my motivation has stalled. I didn’t notice for a long time that I have had a creative block. Now that I am aware of it, I believe it is directly responsible for the rest of my metal block. I never realized how much I needed a creative outlet, I always thought of anything I did that required creativity as side endeavors. Letting my creativity out was helping motivate me to carry out homework and projects that I have to do.

I am trying to combat that with this word vomit of thoughts. My usual remedy is taking a walk. It helps me to get out of my box physically and metaphorically. However, that doesn’t work all the time. That has led me to express myself in the method you have just witnessed.

Excuse me if I have been rambling but this incoherent thought process has allowed me to work through my mental block which I desperately needed to motivate myself.