Thank You For All the Memories, 2016
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Thank You For All the Memories, 2016

Part 2 of a 3 part mini series about 2016.

Thank You For All the Memories, 2016

May 2016 through August 2016. Part 2 of 3 representing one of the best years of my life.

May 5.

There's no way these pictures are making it to the internet, but Cinco de Mayo was an interesting day, a lot of bad, a lot of good, not a whole lot in the middle.

May 6.

I was underdressed and so so so cold but memories made on May 6th will last with me forever. Love you Meggy.

May 10.

An escape from everything. That is what May 10th was. Jordan showed me his home and I saw one of the prettiest towns in Maine. May 10th was a release from all stress surrounding school work, friends, and significant others. May 10th reminded me how truly blessed I am to have a friend like Jordan.

May 14.

LOL I was supposed to be studying for finals during all of these pictures. In fact, we all were. Instead, we picked up and went to the beach for a little bit of a break. Procrastination or problem solving? You tell me.

May 18.

So bittersweet. May 18th was my last day of my freshman year. While, yes, it was finally summer I knew I was going to miss college for the few months I was away. On May 18th I also had to say goodbye to what it was like to have my best friend go to the same school as I did. I made her take cliché pictures with the wildcat, gave her a bottle full of memories, and cried as she drove away.

May 25

We were apart for one week. One week and we already needed a visit. On the 24th Jade came to visit me in Massachusetts. She traveled from New Jersey and we made a plan to go to the beach and have ourselves a day. We sure did have ourselves a day and I even more certainly had myself a sunburn. Worth it for the memories.

June 2.

This day started with me and Amber going to get her dad's glasses fixed. Somehow Amber managed to get offered a ticket to the concert I was going to that night and we were able to go together with our friend, Meghan. Brantley Gilbert didn't know what he had coming. Safe to say the spontaneity of the day made for a hell of an adventure.

June 10.

"Let's do something today" That is how this day started. I knew I was picking Elise up in Boston that night but I couldn't just wait around all day for that to happen... I texted Amber and she said to come over and that we would figure something out. Quickly we decided to go hike a mountain, we got in the car, hiked the mountain, and had some of the best conversations we have had in our four years of being best friends. This day reminded me I don't think I could live without her.

June 11.

She's beautiful, ain't she? Dierks Bentley had nothing on how happy she made me this day.

June 15.

On this day Jade came and visited again, I played the song Work From Home enough times for her to want to delete it off her phone, kicked her ass in mini golf, and made her help me organize every picture I had ever printed and put them on my wall. We l

June 16.

Another day with Jod. This day I realized just how much she brings out the adventure in me. We adventured through Purgatory Chasm in Sutton, Massachusetts, we carved our name into a tree to promise friends forever, and we stuffed our faces with fried food & watermelon. She almost even convinced me to get a tattoo... some would call that a bad influence but I called it her pulling out the best of me. PS. Also saw Finding Dory, spilled an entire bottle of wine. I cried over both the movie and the wine but it didn't mater because she was there to pick me up again.

June 21.

The amount of days that all three of us have the ability to pull away from work, our significant others, and other obligations is a rare few. June 21st was one of those days and they had me laughing until my stomach hurt. I am blessed to have days like these with Beth and Amber.

June 25.

June 25th started with a funeral. While funerals are typically really sad, on this day my sister and I were able to reconnect with cousins we haven't seen in ages. I left feeling refreshed and as if Uncle Frankie was pleased that he brought us all together again. After going home, I got to celebrate Elise's birthday with both her, my two best friends, and Keith Urban. I woke up sad to know Uncle Frankie was gone and went to bed happy I was surrounded by the best possible people to pick me up.

June 30.

Not only did I get to wake up in my favorite place, but I woke up to my dad singing some of his favorite songs while working--I would take that over an alarm clock any day.

July 2.

On this day I spent the most quality time with just my sister that I probably have since I was 12. We bonded, we laughed, we found a waterfall and we adventured through every memory we have while making countless more. We got hopelessly lost and instead of finding ourselves yelling at each other, we followed the vibes and found our way home. Also got to meet the newest member of the LaBonté clan on July 2nd. Pleased to welcome you, Teddy.

July 6.

A day with these two is never a bore. Jordan and Gia were my first two college friends and when it can be just the three of us things seem to click better than with most other combinations. I laughed more on July 6th than I had in a long while.

July 9.

There is nothing like a game at Fenway park in the middle of summer. We woke up and decided we wanted to do something with the day. I jumped online and bought some tickets. It was supposed to rain that day and the tickets were really cheap. Long story short the rain held out, the sox won, and we had ourselves a day.

July 16.

This day started with one of the most touching surprises I have ever had the opportunity to witness. My friend, Amber has the most precious grandmother... we call her Nana. On July 16 we celebrated her 80th birthday. Family came from far and wide to surprise her. This surprise included family that has never even been up to Massachusetts and others she hadn't seen in over a decade. This was the sweetest reaction I have ever seen from Nana and I am so happy I was there to see it. After this amazing surprise party I got in the car and drove to Nahant beach near Boston to pick up Elise... I ended up spending some time there and the day became more of an adventure than I could have imagined. It was the perfect combination of summer wind, sunshine, laughs, and memories. I wouldn't trade these people for the world.

July 26.

Adventure time. In New Jersey for the first time, I have got to say that this town is straight out of some movie. A beautiful town, with amazing people, amazing views, and amazing bagels. Besides realizing a "Hobo" will be the best breakfast sandwich I will ever consume, on this day I realized more than ever that there is nothing but adventure when it comes to this girl. Never bored, truly. Because of Jade's relentless love for having fun, July 26 was full of laughter and I wouldn't change a single thing about this day.

July 31.

On this day I drank out of the Stanley Cup. Enough said.

August 12.

Who cares that we spent an hour in the parking lot trying to find my mom's car after the concert? Rascal Flats was so much fun with these two. People always talk about silver and gold friendships and I can certainly say these two are gold. Sarah and Meg have stuck by me through so much and I would be silly if I didn't appreciate them as much as I do. I have been friends with Sarah since 1st grade and Meg since 5th, they are truly amazing human beings and I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to grow up with them.

August 23

On this day we found a spot on the river where we could escape the rest of the world. On this day I found that not only did I find escape in this destination, but I found escape in her love, in her arms, and in her laughter.

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