Back again for the New Year! My New Year's Resolution is to make even more of these articles! Maybe even once a week!

1. The Power

Basically a water bender

Nothing can stop me now.

2. WWII Flash Back

Seating Chart ASAP

Better put the big ole Soviet Union between them.

3. Not Possible!

How could it be??

I thought these rules were unbreakable!

4. Bravery!

Too tough

Some men are just too tough nowadays, no way around it. People don't respect the dangers of the dark anymore.

5. Throwback!

Absolute Bop

A good throwback to you cultured folks;)

6. Tragic

Who knew that he could do it!

The egg has surpassed us all.

7. Technology!

Master electrician

With this power you could topple empires.

8. Lunch and a Show

Maybe it will escalate!

I hope the teachers don't see this massive group of people egging on the two kids!

9. Represent

Only if they are real

Otherwise they need to check themselves.

10. Dark Ages


I understand the culture of the Amish now.