Meet TikTok's Vegan Mom, Tabitha Brown
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Meet TikTok's Vegan Mom, Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown showers TikTok in words of wisdom and delicious vegan recipes every day, and I hope she never stops.

Meet TikTok's Vegan Mom, Tabitha Brown

Actress, TikTok star, and vegan queen, Tabitha Brown, has made such an impact on me in the last few months. Although I am not pursuing a career in acting nor do I plan on becoming vegan anytime soon, Tabitha is a woman I truly admire. She is originally from Eden, North Carolina but she currently resides in California. She decided to go vegan after a period of sickness.

She described the sickness as a pain that moved from the back of her neck up into her head. Tabitha experienced this uncomfortable pain for a year and seven months. Sadly her sickness brought about other things such as anxiety and depression. Tabitha said at one point she felt like she was dying, but she felt like she had to push through for her husband and children.

The change in her diet came about after her daughter, Choyce, watched the Netflix documentary, What The Health at school one day. After watching the documentary for herself, Tabitha was inspired to make a lifestyle change and began her journey in veganism. After a few days of eating this way, her headaches went away and she felt like a new person.

I admire Tabitha for making such a big lifestyle change. In an interview with Goodful, Tabitha stated. "I'm so very thankful I made that decision for myself. I never tried to force it on anybody else. I always tell people whatever you decide, whether you're trying to go vegan or pescetarian or you're just trying to make better choices, what is your why? If your why is true to you, if it really means something to you, you'll stick with it."

Aside from her inspirational story, Tabitha creates amazing content on the budding social media platform, TikTok. She uploads enticing vegan recipe videos to her page as well as inspirational and funny content. Coining funny catch phrases such as "like so like that" and "cuz that's your business" as she adds ingredients into her dishes. Many of her viewers refer to her as a mom, aunt, or auntie because of her warm and inviting spirit. She makes an effort to use her platform for good and help others realize their worth.

In a way, Tabitha's page is virtual therapy for her viewers. Her 3 million followers often discuss the value in what Tabitha says in just a few seconds. For example, in a recent video, she explained the importance of moving forward in life, even when it feels like you can't let go of certain situations and people.

Overall, Tabitha is making a change in the world by inspiring others to choose healthy lifestyle options, whatever they might be, while nurturing their emotional and spiritual needs as well. She is a light in a time of so much darkness. She has inspired and helped me, and I hope that she continues to reach others and inspire them as well.

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