Fresh off the release of her new song, "Meet Me On Mars," I sat down with Tara Macri to talk about her new song, her Broadway inspirations, and her plans for the future.

"Meet Me On Mars" has an infectious beat and promises to be a song that you could dance to all summer! (You can listen to it and watch the music video here). When I asked Tara what she hopes her audience will get out of "Meet Me On Mars" she said: "Mars is a metaphor to go to a place where you can be your best self," and she's a big believer of doing what makes you happiest! The song itself is lighthearted and fun because she didn't want "the message to be so loud that it knocks you on the head" but rather gets you up on your feet to dance.

Before taking time to focus on her music career, Tara did a substantial amount of work on Broadway and even worked alongside stars like Nick Jonas and John Stamos. Even though I wanted to ask her all about what it was like to work with Nick Jonas (my younger self was very, very interested) I reeled it in. Instead, I asked her how her career on Broadway has influenced her music career and if there were some things that she had taken from her time on stage into the recording studio: "on stage, you're singing and dancing all at once, but when you're in the studio writing, you don't do it all at once".

Her creative process has morphed into something organic to herself as well and her style of writing changes from song to song. "It happens so many different ways. You can go from the piano to the guitar to a cultivation of everything" and like many of us she says that some of her "best ideas come when driving".

When asked about her plans and hopes for the future, Tara has a lot in the works. "Meet Me On Mars" is going to be re-released acoustically on July 13th and she has a new song coming out in the fall. When asked about the new song, Tara said, "I'm really proud of it. It has has a really strong message". Along with these two songs, she has a bunch of new material that she's excited to share! Lastly, she hopes that this time next year she's out on the road performing. As someone who's accustomed to the stage, she's excited about the possibility of "seeing how happy people are and actually getting out and sharing".

Check out Tara's new song "Meet Me On Mars" and keep a look out for her new stuff everywhere that you stream your music!