20 Songs With Deep Meanings That Fans Relate To
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20 Songs With Deep Meanings That Fans Relate To

20 songs by 20 amazing artists

20 Songs With Deep Meanings That Fans Relate To

We all have certain songs that we relate to or it raises a memory that we have put in the back of our mind. Most of these songs were made because they meant something to the artist or band as well. Artists often tell their stories through their music or even tell their audiences story without knowing it. Here are 20 songs with deep meanings that many fans relate to.

AURORA- The Seed


The Seed by AURORA

The seed consists of lyrics like "when the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money." It talks about how humans are destroying the earth and how we are disregarding the importance of the nature around us. The music video gives more insight to the meaning of the song. In general, AURORA is explaining we need to take care of the earth we live in.

Black Box Recorder- Child Psychology


Child Psychology by Black Box Recorder

Child Psychology is a song that is told like a story. It's about a young girl who goes through her life struggling and having to talk to many therapists and child psychologists. The song is a sad story that sometimes hits home with its listeners.

Bring Me the Horizon- Can You Feel My Heart


Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me the Horizon

Can You Feel My Heart is a metal-core rock song with a deep meaning. It's about feeling broken and being scared of your demons. The best lyric that stuck with most of its listeners is "I can't drown my demons; they know how to swim." This relates to a lot of people who struggle with their own demons.

The Cranberries- Zombie


Zombie by The Cranberries

Zombie is a post-grunge anti-war song that was written after the bombing in Northern Ireland that killed two kids and injured dozens. The song became a hit and well-known while it's lyrics breaks listener's hearts as it talks about the children who died and the violence that happened.

Daughter- Medicine


Medicine by Daughter

Medicine is about a drug addiction and is told like it's someone who is watching their loved one go through it. Saying they have "a beautiful brain but it's disintegrating from all the medicine." The song is sung beautifully but sometimes hits home for those who have seen a loved one go through addiction.

EDEN- Drugs


Drugs by EDEN

Drugs is a song that has multiple meanings. It talks about drugs but it's main topic is how their "head just won't die," and "being a mess inside." It's talking about dealing with what is going on inside our minds and how some people turn to vices to rid of it.

Evanescence- My Immortal


My Immortal by Evanescence

My immortal is about loss and how someone's presence can still linger after they are gone. This song can hit deep to listeners who relate and have lost someone they loved.

Kesha- Praying


Praying by Kesha

Praying touched a lot of listener's hearts when it came out and partially because they knew the meaning ran deep in Kesha's life. It was a song that was made for people who have been hurt, abused or betrayed. It became an inspiration song to anyone who has been hurt by another and we all love Kesha for giving us a song that does that.

Lana Del Rey- Carmen


Carmen by Lana Del Rey

Carmen is talking about a young girl who seems like she is popular and well-loved. However deep inside she's saying "you don't want to be like me, don't wanna see all the things I've seen. I'm dying." It goes to show that everyone is fighting a battle. Even the people you might think have it made.

Lia Marie Johnson- DNA


DNA by Lia Marie Johnson

DNA is a song for people who may have an absent or troubled parent. It talks about what it does to a person and how having that parents DNA makes them worry that they will end up like them. Saying "you can't stop DNA." Unfortunately, this is relatable to a good amount of people.

Lorde- Liability


Lorde by Liability

Liability is about the feeling that you are too much to handle or a nuisance to people. Lorde says "they say 'you're a little much for me, you're a liability." It's about the lonely feeling of people pulling away from you.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Otherside


Otherside by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore has been open about his past addictions and relapses and his song Otherside tells his story very well. It's a song that will tug at your heart and is a very honest song for Macklemore to release.

Marina and The Diamonds- Teen Idle


Teen Idle by Marina and The Diamonds

Teen Idle is about the pressures of body positivity and advertisements. It's talking about wanting to be a teen idle instead of going through the insecurities and depression at sixteen. It's a sad song about the struggles young women face.

NF- Paralyzed


Paralyzed by NF

Paralyzed is the numbness that comes with depression and feeling like you've lost all feeling. It's one of the worst stages of depression when the numbness hits and NF explains this feeling very well in this heartbreaking song.

Nothing but Thieves- If I Get High


If I Get High by Nothing but Thieves

If I Get High talks about how they feel their loss every night and they are wondering if they get high enough will they be able to see the person they lost. It's a song that explains the pain of loss and how sometimes someone would do anything to see that person again.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Face Down


Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Face Down is an alternative rock song about domestic abuse and the lyrics are saying "do you feel like a man when you push her around?" It's geared to yelling at the abuser and hoping karma will come back around and bite them.

Sia- Breathe Me


Breathe Me by Sia

Breathe Me is about being your own destroyer. Sia says "help, I have done it again... and the worst part is there's no one else to blame." It's a soft and slow song with a beautiful/sad meaning. It's about feeling lost and broken.

Sneaker Pimps- Lightning Field


Lightning Field by Sneaker Pimps

Lightning Field can have different meanings to different people. My take on it is that you can only push someone so far until they break. They are saying "strike me down, I'll be everything I'm not." I took this as someone can be the kindest person but if you push them to far then that could change.

Twenty One Pilots- Car Radio


Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots is known for their upbeat songs with deep/sad meanings. Car radio is a personal favorite and it's about how silence can be deadly. It's about having a broken car radio and so you sit there in silence which is when your brain starts thinking too much and brings you down. Saying "sometimes quiet is violent."

The 1975- Me


Me by The 1975

Me is about depression and how it can cause someone to self-sabotage and make multiple wrong decisions. It's also about being lonely and wondering if anyone would mind if they weren't there. It's a sad and deep song that is even difficult for the band to perform as it pertains to some of the member's lives.

All these artists have created iconic songs that touched our hearts. Some of them where made because it hit home to the artist and some were made for others to relate to. They are all worth the listen.

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