What Your Starbucks Order Says About You

What Your Starbucks Order Says About You

Most of you get coffee from Starbucks to keep you going throughout your busy day. What does your order say about you?

Starbucks has a plethora of drinks that you can order. These range from espresso drinks to plain coffee, to teas. You probably have a "go-to" drink that completes your day and without it, your day might be a little off. Do you try something new each time or do you stick with what you're used to? Read on to see what your Starbucks order says about you.


1. Black Coffee


You are a total BAD ASS! Enough said.

2. Espresso Shot


Obviously, you love the taste of coffee. Don't bother with any of that milk or foam nonsense. Your morning shot is what propels you forward and puts you on top of everyone else for the day.

3. Iced Caramel Macchiato


We have a basic "White Girl" in the house! Iced coffee is how you survive. You probably order this year round are not affected by the weather like the rest of us. Strut down the road with your iced coffee in hand, no one is getting in your way.

4. Grande, Light Ice, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte With Soy Milk, At 120 Degrees


Oh boy! You are a complicated one. You are far from being basic. You've probably sent back an order or two and added phrases like, "More foam please," or "Can I get some extra caramel on this?" Cue the eye roll. Stop doing this to your baristas!

5. Frappuccino


You are 12.

6. Pumpkin Latte


You also fall under the "basic white girl" category. As a latte drink you enjoy being comfortable. You are very laid-back and go with the flow of things.

7. Mango Dragonfruit Refresher


You have a bright personality and are always doing things. The bright magenta color on this drink absolutely makes your day. You get excited at the most simple things. No coffee, no problem!

8. Iced Tea


You love the earth. Save the trees. Recycle.

9. Pink Drink


You don't enjoy the taste of coffee, but you still want to be a part of the "white girl" stereotype. #summertime :)

10. Evolution Fresh Bottled Drink


Forget the sugar-loaded coffees and teas! Bring on the juice cleanse! You are a pretty healthy human being who loves the outdoors and the gym. You don't have the time for the baristas to make you a drink because you have a yoga at 9 a.m.

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