McDonald's Will Always Be There For You

One day, all my roommates were in a terrible mood, as was I. It was a dreary day, and we barely spoke to one another on the walk to class, which was super unusual for us. We had a full day of classes and things were just not going well.

By the time we all got home, our moods were at an all-time low and some of us were on the verge of tears. None of us were upset over anything in particular, but life was just overwhelming in that current moment. We didn't have any groceries in the house and the thought of going to the overcrowded grocery store was unbearable. So we ordered McDelivery.

There's just something about junk food that makes everything feel better. Especially some good "American" cheeseburgers and french fries that you can get at McDonald's.

Obviously, it's not good for you, but it's good for the soul. As we sat around our kitchen table, emotionally eating, we began to talk and rant about how we were feeling and why we were feeling this way.

This talk lasted for probably three to four hours, but it was one of the most productive conversations I've ever had in my life. We validated each other's feelings, built each other up and shared our personal opinion about the problems that people shared.

This was my best day because it was the day that I realized my friends on the trip were my best friends. We were friends (and roommates) before we came on the trip, but at this point in the trip, we had been through so much together, and it was so nice to voice all of our struggles and not feel judged.

Also, most of us were going through the same thing we talked about how hard it was to be in another country, where we didn't speak the language, and everything was foreign to us.

Every single day was a new experience and it was draining and I don't think that gets talked about enough. It was amazing to hear all my friends were going through the same things as I was and it was great to go through all the personal growth together. This day was such a peak in my life and it made me realize that humans cannot function without other humans.

This entire study abroad experience was incredible, but it could not have been possible without the amazing people that helped me through the hard days.

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