Review: McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries Aren't Worth The Hype
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Sorry, McDonald's, But Your Cheesy Bacon Fries Are Not Worth The Hype

McDonald's cheesy bacon fries aren't all they're hyped up to be.

Sorry, McDonald's, But Your Cheesy Bacon Fries Are Not Worth The Hype

All over Facebook McDonald's has been advertising that they have the best cheesy bacon fries right now in competition with Jack and the Box, Burger King's cheesy bacon tots, Sonic, Taco Bell and Wendy's. Being the Foodie I am, I felt I needed to try them especially with as much as I love melted cheese.

So here's a list as to why you SHOULDN'T try these.

They're Gross.

OK, so I was super disappointed in the flavor all together, the cheese was gross and tasted more like a Kraft single, and the bacon tasted like they were bacon bits that came off of a cheap salad, the mix between those two flavors and some soggy (possibly old) fries aren't a very good combo.

Poorly Made.

When you first open the box you see your fries, and instead of being covered with cheese, you see about five or six fries are completely covered with cheese while the rest of the fries just look unappetizing. A lot of the bacon bits are also sitting at the bottom with just a small few actually on the cheese. As you'll see later, I also have my suspicions that those fries were reheated and definitely not made fresh. The salt from the fries and then the saltiness from the bacon and cheese just lead straight to a heart attack.


You get about the same amount of fries as you would with a small fry, for at least double the cost, the only difference: the box they come in. If you're really desperate for cheese on your McDonald's fries, take your fries to the nearest 7/11 and put some nacho cheese on them, I guarantee it would taste a lot better.


The fries were not fresh, and the cheese was on the fries as if they tossed a slice of cheese on the fries and threw them in the microwave with the bacon bits on top. They did not taste like the usual McDonald's fries we are used to. I say they tasted reheated because of the texture of the fries, they weren't crunchy and even the parts of the fries that weren't covered in cheese were soggy. First Chuck E Cheese's, and now you McDonald's? OK.


Throughout the advertisements I saw, I got excited because I thought they looked really good, but I was so underwhelmed and disappointed when I opened my box. The box is about the size of a burger box, so I assumed it would be more full. I've yet to see a positive comment on McDonald's Facebook posts about the newer edition to their menu.


Coming up with this idea of spontaneously adding these cheesy bacon fries to the menu very well could've been a way to save money by reusing some of the fries that aren't fresh anymore and slapping on some other cheap and easy ingredients. Also, a little bit suspicious that there are current rumors of Chuck E Cheese's reusing un-eaten pizza to serve to other customers.

McDonald's was one of the last ones to come to the table with these cheesy bacon fries, and considering how popular McDonald's fries are in general, people were pretty excited. But they have to re-think the recipe and the type of cheese/ bacon they are using because those were just too gross. I only finished eating them because I had paid for them and I'm cheap.

Have any positives or liked the cheesy bacon fries? Leave me a comment.

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