What Is An MBTI Personality Type?
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What Is An MBTI Personality Type?

And How You Can Learn Yours!

What Is An MBTI Personality Type?

If you are a Myers Briggs nerd like me, you probably already know your personality type.

The gist of the testing is, there are 16 personality types, and many people fit one of these types. The first letter (E or I) represents Extroversion or Introversion, depending on the letter. Extroversion is gaining energy from interactions with other people, while introversion is gathering energy from solitude. One is not necessarily better than the other, though introverts tend to get a bad rap for seeking their solitude in a world seemingly designed for extroverts.

The second letter (N or S) represents how you tend to interact with your environment. N is Intuition or the gut feeling you have. People who "go with their gut" tend to have very strong intuitions. S is Sensing. A strong sensing type would notice every detail about a situation they encounter. They tend to be very clear cut and practical, valuing facts and realistic solutions to challenges.

The third letter (T or F) is thinking versus feeling. Most women are F-types while many men are T-types. This explains why women are more likely to be in tune with their emotions, making many decisions based on their emotions and the emotions of others involved. T-types are more likely to make the most logical decision, regardless of the emotions of others. T-types tend to focus on facts and evidence, meaning that decisions they make may be coldly rational, inadvertently upsetting others.

Lastly, is the Judgement versus Perception trait. Judging people tend to carefully plan each step and thrive in routine, whereas people who are strong Perceivers tend to thrive in fast-changing environments and tend to be spontaneous.

Learning your personality type can help you find better ways to study, based on your unique personality. For example, I make silly stories to help myself memorize important parts of a machine or a supply chain song to remember every step in making a particular product.

Learning your personality type can also help you find careers that you are more naturally suited towards. For example, my roommate wants to be a teacher, and as an ESFJ she would be particularly suited towards it. However, as an I/ENTJ, I would be more suited for a corporate environment.

So, that's just a brief overview of the MBTI test. Hopefully you can use this information to make the best of your life, wherever it leads you!

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