Nice guys seem to take the approach, "If I compliment her, she’ll find me sweet," which is true, but at the same time, just another compliment will not always make the girl remember you.

As a contradiction, girls want a nice guy and even comment on wanting to find a boy that is boyfriend material. The song “Hide Away” by Daya is a great approach to exactly what a girl is looking for. She wonders where, “All the good boys go to hideaway," but in the next verse mentions how she wants, “A boy who is down for the chase,” and this is where truly nice guys lack winning.

There is a difference between the terms "nice guy" and "good guy." If you google synonyms for nice, many examples that pop up are agreeable, pleasant, satisfying, enjoyable, and many more. These words alone help describe what nice really means. It’s a guy who is agreeable and may not challenge you. Someone who is pleasant to be around, but not someone to always have by your side. Someone is satisfying, but not does not push you to your limits. Being nice is a great quality, but there has to be the boundary where you will push your partner and also have your own views and not being “whipped."

When it comes to a good guy, the examples are outstanding, brilliant, and potent, with many others. Having someone who is outstanding, will prove his worth and value. The guy who is brilliant will challenge you and your own thoughts. The potent one will influence you for the better and give new experiences to your life.

The good guy is the one that comes out ahead, not the jerk nor the nice guy. To smoothly flirt and catch a person’s attention takes thought process and being able to always think of a response. A boy who uses his brain is more impressive than a guy who agrees with my own thoughts than having his own.

Some girls do tend to go for the jerks, but those that do show how mature they are. As we grow, we start to find out who we are. We sometimes have to go out with some not so great guys until we find the one that is worth the time to take over spending the rest of our lives with. For the girls who are going for the jerks, they have yet to discover their own worth and have the guy's want for them overpowering what they deserve.

The good boys not only remind you of your worth, but continue to help you grow instead of holding you back. They push you for your dreams and not have you settle. They want what's not only best for themselves and you, but for the both of you together. The relationship is something for them to work for and to keep cherishing.

Yes, nice guys finish last and jerks finish last.

Good guys are the ones who come in first each time because it is their own drive of knowing what they want which puts them there. It is them who are willing to open our eyes to so many possibilities. It is them who keep a spark going in a relationship instead of letting it die the moment something goes bad. It is because of them that girls are willing to take a chance of their own when it comes to falling for someone.