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5 Hot Topics You Should Know If You Go To UCLA

Here you will find 5 news stories involving UCLA and its students.

5 Hot Topics You Should Know If You Go To UCLA

Are you always studying? Do you stand on the sidelines of conversations because you aren't constantly up to date on the latest and the greatest? Here are some quick blurbs to keep you afloat!! These stories have all come out or have been updated within this month, so don't worry about being behind!

5. The Hill will be undergoing renovations in the upcoming months.

On Campus Housing, also referred to as "The Hill," has recently come out with photos of renovations that are currently underway. Some of their updates include DeNeve To Go, Covel dining hall, a new residence hall behind Rieber Terrace, and new undergraduate apartments. Covel dining hall will be taking on a different look in the upcoming year. They plan to open the dining hall for studying, as they do with feast, changing the lighting for optimal studying. The residence hall being built behind Rieber Terrace will have a bridge connecting both buildings, and it will be more outdoorsy for a comfortable feel. There will be new undergraduate apartments being built near Weyburn terrace and on the corner of Le Conte and Gayley. With the new housing, they hope to be able to offer first year students 4 years of guaranteed housing and transfer students 2 years guaranteed housing, but they aren't promising that just yet because housing is aware of increasing enrollment rates.

4. Spring Sing rescinds award from Don McLean.

It seems like there was "bad news on the doorstep" for the "American Pie" singer Don McLean. After offering McLean the 2019 George and Ira Gershwin Award, the Student Alumni Association rescinded the award from the artist when they found out about his domestic violence conviction. McLean, upset about the ordeal, posted on Facebook, demanding an apology while stating "Maybe I need to give you some bribe money to grease the college wheel." According to the Daily Bruin, Kayla Samuels, the executive director of Spring Sing, says the committee won't apologize for standing with survivors of abuse.

3. UCPD block party racist accusations

At the All-Hill Town Hall, a UCLA resident questioned UCPD about the allegations of racism in a video circulating from a Block Party in the beginning of Spring quarter. In the video, it looks like there are several officers surrounding a black "student" while there are other students setting off fireworks in the back. According to the officers, this person was not a student and was not affiliated or part of the UCLA community. The officers on the scene had seen him make two transactions before approaching him. At the time of them approaching him, there were no fireworks going off. They questioned him about what he was selling, and the fireworks went off. They let him walk away with a warning despite having a warrant against him and having drugs with the intent to sell. Another student then asked why they didn't have some officers stay with him and others approach the students with the fireworks, but they said it was for the safety of the students as well as the officers. However, people are questioning their intentions because they let this man go despite there being a warrant.

2. Students and faculty of Luskin School of Public Affairs assist families seeking asylum in Texas.

In February, four students and two faculty members of the Luskin School of Public Affairs went to Dilley, Texas to assist mothers and children in detention. The detention center was built when Obama was in office as a place to seek asylum, but it gained traction when the stories regarding family separation were released. The detention center only has 12 employees helping families prepare for their credible fear interviews, therefore they greatly appreciate the volunteer they received from the UCLA students. They shared that it was impactful seeing that the mothers were ok with the kids hearing them talk about what they went through until they realized the kids went through that too. Their lives were also threatened when their mother's lives were.

1. San Francisco Chronicle announces UCLA as "California's most important educational institution"

At a 20 minute drive away from UC Berkeley, the San Francisco Chronicle published a story on May 12 with the title "UCLA beats UC Berkeley on every count." After giving some history on the origin of UCLA and introducing its centennial celebration, the author states that while Stanford and Berkeley have their own quirks, "[UCLA] is better at sports (117 NCAA team championships and counting), and offers more academic options including a world-class medical center." He emphasizes that UCLA was built on taking risks and believes it will continue to do so as it serves its students, 35% of which receive pell grants. He closes, "Then UC Berkeley can follow its lead." There you have it Bruins…UCLA is better than UC Berkeley on yet another count.

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