MAX, GOAT of All Performers

If you've seen the Nickelodeon movie "Rags" or heard the song "Lights Down Low", you are familiar with the artist MAX (Max Schneider). If you haven't, look him up.

MAX performed at the University of Oklahoma in a concert series on April 23rd. He was absolutely incredible. I might also be a tad bias.

Rewind four years ago to when I first saw MAX in concert. He was the opener on the Boys of Summer tour which included Hoodie Allen, Wiz Khalifa, and Fall Out Boy. I am being completely honest when I say I was only at that concert for Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa was a plus. After that concert, I left a Hoodie Allen and MAX fan.

Following that concert, I listened to all the MAX songs I could find and showed him to my best friend. His music became a must in our friendship and we knew we had to see him in concert. Many tours went by and New Mexico was never on the list. We knew what we had to do.

We begged our moms (and somehow got our way) to let us go see MAX open for Jake Miller in Denver, Colorado. We were willing to drive eight hours to see an opener. That is how much we loved his music. Unfortunately, the tour was canceled and we were heartbroken.

But, about a week later MAX tweeted that he was going to go on a small tour called the "Intimate AF Tour". This tour consisted of two locations, two small venues, and a really intimate atmosphere. One of the cities on the tour was Santa Fe, New Mexico. My friend and I were so stoked and it was hands-down one of our favorite memories together.

Fast-forward four years and I am a freshman in college. I'm no longer in New Mexico, I, unfortunately, don't get to see my best friend every day and I am two weeks away from all my finals. But MAX is performing on campus and there was no way I was going to miss out on my fourth time being able to see him live.

The field may have been muddy and the weather cold, but MAX put on a show. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of people at the concert, but everyone there was super hyped. MAX has a stage presence like no other. He even performed his newest song "Love Me Less", which he had never performed live before. Overall, he didn't disappoint.

He continues to be one of my favorite artists and I firmly believe that everyone needs to check him out.

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