Materialism is now the epitome of corruption.
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Materialism is Corrupting The Minds of Millennials and Beyond

Instagram / Nicollete Gray

Ever since the airing of Dr. Phil's latest delinquent episode, the notorious "Beverly Hills Brat" who lives off $2,000 Givenchy jackets and $3,000 Chanel purses has been featured on everyone's Instagram page. Nicolette Gray's expensive lifestyle encompasses an array of Bentleys and G-Wagons while her mother, a renowned dentist, offers her an astounding $5,000 allowance every week.

While she already earns mountains of bills from her Instagram and YouTube career, Nicolette and her personal stylist, Christian Aaron, continues to blow thousands on high-end clothing on Rodeo Drive. No doubt, waking up to see a pair of Gucci slides and Burberry sunglasses every morning is a dream no one wants wake up from. Unfortunately, Nicolette is not the only one with a case of "materialism syndrome." Millennials are now the main victims of an endless stream of careless yet luxurious spending.

Have a taste of the Versace website where blazers can amount to over $3,000.

While cheap for the world of luxury brands, these numbers reflect the new consciousness that plagues young minds. Brands such as Chanel, Balenciaga, Prada and Louis Vuitton are especially popular among millennials. Sneakers, purses and accessories in such brands are now symbols of wealth and status, shown off proudly by owners on social media. Even worse, the web has become an outlet with affluent kids who indulge on lavish lifestyles with little to no moral ground.

Granted with money from birth, these teens see no purpose in life besides material goods. Not pressed on success from hard work, many now believe that having these items set them off for a victorious conquest of life. The corruption of the mind is not only a reality, but it is also an upsetting mindset.

Materialistic culture is an indicator for an unhappy and unsatisfied psychological problem. Having more money now means having more problems. With a seemingly bottomless treasure chest of wealth, people are unsure what to spend the money on. Eventually, they turn to an eloquent sources. With more items comes with more desires. Competition for the latest trends spiral into an eternal battle for "wants" not "needs."

Narcissistic and egotistical attitudes emerge as millennials develop into a "richer is more superior" mindset, creating a hostile environment of arrogance. Pro-social relationships are substituted with symbols of wealth. As Nicolette Gray says, "My purses are my friends. I have to buy all my friends. It's sad, really." Furthermore, the meaning of security and power is redefined. While money may ground millennials with a false sense of security, mainly financial freedom, that stability is beset by a lack of confidence.

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Nonetheless, materialistic epitome is the goal for millions of millennials, and that will never change. However, whether this attitude toward life brings satisfaction or a lust for more, greed emerges as the ultimate winner in this situation. The cycle of corruption never ends. Thus, greed drives the thriving economy at an unfortunate cost to the moral grounds of society's high life and beyond.

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