Fall Madly In Love With Martina McBride’s 'Valentine'

Do you know there is a song that not only celebrates Valentine's Day but is also entitled as the holiday itself? In 1997, American recording artist and pianist Jim Brickman had learned that although there were many love songs for Valentine's Day, there was never a song that used "Valentine" in its lyrics. Brickman found this very odd since "Valentine" had always been a beautiful euphemism for love as well. Therefore, he wrote the song "Valentine" in tribute to the holiday and incorporated the word "Valentine" to its lyrics. While he played the piano background track to the song itself, he had famous country singer Martina McBride sing the vocals.

The first time I heard this song was on YouTube. It was the first track in a playlist that listed the top romantic songs of the 90s. What drew me to the song was the dreamy piano solo in the beginning, followed by the sincerity in Martina McBride's voice as she sings out the lyrics, echoing the tender and warm feelings when people feel when they are in love. The singer begins the song by telling her lover that the love they share is mutual and they need no words to express their love or any tears to feel each other's pain. She also tells her love that "even if the sun refuses to shine and even if romance runs out on rhyme," she is still happy with him.

Afterward, she confesses to her lover of how he changes her life and through him, she is able to love unselfishly. This beautiful love she shares with him is something she ever dreamed of and she wants to love him as much possible. She then expresses that her love for him is forever never-changing for he would "still have her heart until the end of time." Most importantly, the singer learns that all she ever needed was him all this time when she concludes the song: "You're all I need, my love, my valentine..."

In my opinion, everyone should listen to this song on Valentine's Day. This heartwarming song will surely melt hearts and will leave you dreaming of love over and over again. It's not just a love song that celebrates Valentine's Day, but a song that celebrates the magical love that still exists all around the world today.

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