Is The Marketplace Sketchy Or Useful?

Is The Marketplace Sketchy Or Useful?

There are a lot of mixed feelings about Facebook's Marketplace. Is it useful? Or is it a cousin of Craiglist? Let's find out!

Viktor Hanacek

The idea of buying used items through a third party medium such as Facebook's Marketplace, Let Go, or Craiglist raises red flags for some people. With many news articles about the worries and woes of others engaged in an exchange made over third parties, it's understandable as to why we would be skeptical as whether to trust these sites or not.

Not to mention the constant scamming that takes place over these parties. There are definitely a handful (or a few handfuls) or markets and sites that advertise dirt cheap prices for a 'high-end' product. In my opinion, these are the sites to be weary of.

When it comes to the question of using Facebook Marketplace or not, I think there are a lot of things to consider before ruling it out of the question. For example, what are you selling? Will this be of value to anyone and will it benefit you? Do you have somewhere to meet that is safe and around people? Overall, are you in control of the situation and the outcome?

Most of the answer to these questions are yes. I have made many transactions on Facebook Marketplace both as a buyer and seller. Let me tell you, I have made some incredible deals.

For example, as a buyer I purchased a Keurig for $25. Let me repeat - TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. That's incredible. As a seller, I've sold old phones for up to $250-$300 because they have such a high market value.

Aside from saving and earning money from things you may or may not need, it's overall a great place to find face value of products you're interested in. For example, Facebook has recently modified and added new features to the Marketplace including shops and the ability to view apartments.

The key to being successful on Facebook Marketplace is to be conscious and smart. Take these tips and tricks into consideration:

- Know what you're selling/buying

- Ask the seller questions about the product listed

- Negotiate the price if you think you can

- Confirm a meeting time and place that works for both of you and leaves you plenty of wiggle room in case of tardiness

- ALWAYS meet in daylight in a public place or somewhere you know you will have people around you

- If you are buying an electronic product, test it and make sure it works

- As a seller, amp up your product by including freebies like cases, cords, whatever you can think of.

- Be smart and use common sense; if something seem phishy it probably is. Most things in the Marketplace that seem to be too good to be true, are.

Overall, I think if you are smart about yourself shopping on the Facebook Marketplace is not that scary or sketchy. It's actual quite useful. I've bought and sold a handful of items and haven't encountered any issues (other than the usual flakey customer).

For the holiday season and any other time, I truly believe that this could save you a lot of money and create less material waste in our universe.

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