Nick Markakis Is One Of Baseball's Most Underrated Players

When people think of standout baseball players in the MLB, they think Mike Trout, Yasiel Puig, or Ronald Acuna Jr. All of these players are just that, standout, but they all have one thing in common — standout personalities. Their talent has the ability to speak for itself, but they play the game with an extra pizazz that makes them memorable and gives the people something to talk about.

Puig is known for his insane personality, a personality that sometimes gets in him trouble, but always on ESPN. Trout has a power that hasn't been seen in years and Acuna with a youth that sets him apart from the rest. All these players deserve every second of press they get, but there are other players that play good, solid baseball every game without the extra noise.

One of these players is the Atlanta Braves outfielder, Nick Markakis. Markakis is arguably one of the quietest players in the game, but one of the most reliable. He plays every game with a focused demeanor, but rarely shows emotions that could rattle his game.

In the outfield, he is one of the most reliable, never afraid to lay out for a ball or go for a ball nearing the stands. At the plate, his swing is simple but produces base hits and RBIs, all you can ask from a mid-lineup hitter. As a veteran player, his experience shows in every game, as he plays one game at a time.

Markakis lets his game speak for itself, and after his first All-Star season, he is finally beginning to get the recognition he deserves. A valuable asset to the Braves defense and offense, Nick Markakis is the type of player every team needs.

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