Mariana Adams-Foster is one of the key characters on FreeForm's hit series "The Fosters" and its spin-off "Good Trouble."

She's short, she's feisty, she's smart and she's pretty.

Let's dig in deeper to find out what makes Mariana a girl boss and why we need to appreciate her more.

1. She's a woman of color portrayed as a protagonist


Mariana, and the actress who plays her — Cierra Ramirez — is a proud Latina woman. And she doesn't play the bad guy. That's worth celebrating.

2. Mariana does STEM


Mariana faced discrimination in her STEM club in school... but she still winds up going to MIT.

3. She's feminine


Who says women can't be powerful and rock pink lipstick? Not Mariana.

4. She's multi-talented

Mariana can sing and dance. She plays Juliet in her brother's musical rendition of Romeo and Juliet and she leads her own dance team at one point in the show.

Don't forget, this girl is also a math and science whiz.

5. She's not afraid of shutting men down


Her future boyfriend takes her on a date to a Mexican street fair. Mariana assumes he is being racist and assuming that just because she is Latina she must be Mexican. At the time, Mariana also has her hair dyed blonde and she thinks he is trying to get her to feel insecure about her heritage and her dyed hair.

None of these assumptions are true, but it lets viewers know Mariana is not afraid of shutting someone down for the right reasons.

6. Social justice advocate Mariana is a thing


When the high school she and her siblings attend is threatened to become a private school, Mariana starts a movement to prevent that from happening.

Does this list perfectly encapsulate all the reasons Mariana is an A+ girl boss? No.

But hopefully it inspires you to reevaluate your favorite female characters and why they're girl bosses, too.