Margaritas...a gift from the gods. Can you ever think of a time a marg has let you down? I bet you can't think of a time, because they are perfect. And here is just a few reasons why margs are better than boys.

1. Margs will never flake on a date.

2. Margs don't cheat on you.

3. Margs bring on the conversation.

4. Margs will always know how to dance...and make you dance too.

5. Bad week? Margs. Celebrating? Margs. No need to even ask, they are there no matter what the occasion.

6. There are so many to choose from, one is sure to catch your eye.

7. Margs aren't jerks.

8. Margs will never pick the homies over you.

9. What to feel like you're on the beach? A marg will bring that to you. Can you think of a guy who can give you the beach?

10. Margs will never break up with you.

11. Or divorce you.

12. Margs introduce you to so many new friends.

13. "Why am I forever alone?!" Margs: I got you.

14. Saturdays are for the boys? Nah, they are for Margs.

15. Margs don't make you worry about being left on read/getting a text back.

16. Margs aren't creepy.

17. Margs don't use cheesy pick-up lines.

18. Margs aren't douche bags. 

19. Margs aren't ugly.

20. The only homie Margs will bring with is tacos, and it's okay every time.