March Movie Preview: What To See Based On What You Like
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March Movie Preview: What To See Based On What You Like

This month has a movie for everyone!

March Movie Preview: What To See Based On What You Like

Most of the time for me, watching a movie in theaters is rare (which is sad in and of itself) and when I go out to spend my money on a *sometimes* overpriced movie ticket, I want it to be worth every penny. There truly is nothing like sitting back, watching a film on the big screen and treating yourself to a night/day out. Especially since now most movie theaters have a bar...

This month there seems to be a movie hitting the theaters for every genre out there and there is bound to be one to please every type of person.

If you're into...


March 3: Logan
For the person who is into superhero movies, mainly the Marvel/X-men franchises. Or, just into Hugh Jackman.

March 10: Kong: Skull Island
Is it a sequel? Is it a whole new story line? Who knows. All I do know is this will be the perfect 'medium' action movie to please a wide variety of people.

March 24: CHiPs


March 3: The Shack
An adaption of the acclaimed novel of the same name. Thought-provoking and will definitely be a tearjerker.

March 3: The Last Word
Comedy drama, with a strange premise that's both entertaining and interesting.

March 17: Dean

March 24: The Zookeeper's Wife
Family friendly AND based on a true story!


March 17: 13 Minutes
Who doesn't love a good 'ole WWII era story?


March 17: T2: Trainspotting

Live Action Childhood Faves

March 17: Beauty and the Beast
Emma Watson's Belle is bound to be flawless, and if this brainy princess is your favorite then this should definitely be on your must-see list this month!

March 24: Power Rangers
For the action lover who wants to relive the best part of watching TV as a kid.


March 24: Life
Space: check! Jake Gyllenhaal: check! Ryan Reynolds: OMG. I'm there.

Young Adult

March 3: Before I Fall


March 31: The Boss Baby


March 31: The Blackcoat's Daughter
Tbh, I refuse to watch trailers for horror movies and I most definitely will not be seeing this (yes, I am a baby), but this seems like the best bet in the scary genre for this month.

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