Every human male is different. They could be athletic, artsy, business-oriented or a scientist. They could be highly intelligent, or maybe a little dumb, but there is one thing they all have in common. Whether it be a dog, cat, sport or an after work hobby, they each have some sort of “best friend” that they go to when a break is needed from the stress and worry of the adult world.

Having a best friend is important for everyone. Your hobby could be considered your best friend, even if it is just shooting at targets all day. It is the “feels like home” feeling that you get when you are with or doing these things. Your best friend is your “happy place” per say. You could get that feeling from anyone or anything. If your getaway is sports, then that could be a best friend. Many men join sports teams as an after work activity and they love it because of the friendships and memories that are made while doing something fun.

Men love having a dog best friend, too. Dogs are seriously the best pets. Of course, they may poop all over the place or even mess up your favorite pair of shoes and furniture, but at the end of the day, they are always there for comfort.

They are the best hunting and fishing partner, as well. Some dogs are great protectors, too. They will keep you safe if someone come onto your property or tries to attack you. Dogs always give love back to their owner. In my opinion, they are the best, best friend you could ever have.

Whatever or whomever you my choose to be your "best friend," it is what makes you happy at the end of the day.