Everyone does something in their free time. Whether it is hanging out with your friends, reading, watching some sort of entertainment, or even just laying around. Whenever I have free time, I like to think I am doing something productive. The question, "what are your hobbies?" was often asked when I was a kid. I think I used to be much more imaginative than I am now. My hobbies when I was young consisted of playing dress up, creating short films with my sisters, singing and dancing, biking around my cul-de-sac, playing with my dolls, or even being lucky enough to have my mom drive me to a playdate.

Now, as a college student, I find that I never get to do things like that, and if I did I feel as though they would be a waste of time (which is sad). The hobbies I have as a young adult contribute to my well being. I use my extra time to apply face masks, read a good book, watch informative videos, clean, listen to music, among other things. However, when a have a little more time on my hands I prefer to do things that help me pursue my passions.

"Manifestation" is a word that seems to be thrown around a lot at this point in my life. Manifestation refers to having the nature to invest time and energy into a goal or passion you want to pursue. The years of messing around and doing silly activities seem to be over. Turning my interests into a form of manifestation is a way of finding myself and what I truly love to do and in turn, mature and evolve.

The things I love to do most are creative tasks. During the school year, we use our brains but rarely get the chance to actually put our imaginations to work. I have always loved taking pictures and editing them, creating videos, collaging, writing down my thoughts, and decorating my room. In high school, I found these efforts stupid and almost a waste of time. Now, I see the importance of taking time to do things I am passionate about because one day, they could be a possible career path. People go to school to get a degree, but they often forget that the reason they are getting an education is to learn and grow into someone who finds what they are passionate about and pursues it. We live in a world where you can make a job out of almost anything. I come across people every day on social media that have used their platform to start their own mini-business which often times looks more fun than work. In other words, they create a name for themselves by simply manifesting their goals.

I hope that to anyone reading this, you know that what you spend your spare time doing is not stupid at all. Do what you love.