How I Am Manifesting 2020

2019… What a year. I learned so many life lessons. Do you ever feel like after going through something bad like a breakup, ending a friendship, getting fired, making a mistake, etc. that you can see the "silver lining" of why you needed to go through it. I have had a crazy year but I am sure we all have. Here is to 2020 and all I am manifesting.

Next Level Self-Care

Eating REAL foods. No more starving myself to get the results I want. Getting active daily because it makes me feel good not look good. Facials and good skincare. Taking vitamins daily and doing it even when I am very exhausted. Sleeping 8 hours a night regardless of what I want to do the night before. Being creative in my own time and not just for work.

Stepping Up My Education + Business

Starting my master's in marketing and web design. Learning how to be the best I can be for my clients. Working on my integrity and actually responding back to messages. Focusing on my brand and being comfortable with everything I put out in the universe.

Fresh Start In A New Place

Moving out of my home state and my high school room. Finding a place and career in West Hollywood. Make friends and a community. Find a new home church to invest in. Get out of debt and make a budget plan. Form special bonds and create great friendships.

Mental Health Is A Priority

Even when I feel at my best, still seeking a therapist at least monthly to check in with. Journaling my thoughts daily. Knowing being with people can raise me and pull me down so developing healthy boundaries within my community. Allowing myself to take "personal days" but not to just lay around but to do things that bring me life. Making sure I am happy in whatever I am doing.

Getting Rid Of The Toxic

Saying adios to things and people who do not serve me. Making sure I am not the only one putting in the effort anymore. Allowing things to fade and not wasting energy to save them. Not doing things that turn me into the worst version of me.

What are your 2020 goals?

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