The Mandela Effect Ruined My Life
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6 Times the Mandela Effect Ruined My Life

Proof that we are living in an alternate universe.

6 Times the Mandela Effect Ruined My Life

Most people have heard of the term "Mandela Effect" at one point or another, but what really is it? In simple terms, the "Mandela Effect" is the name for what happens whenever someone has a vivid memory of something that never actually happened. The phenomenon emerged in 2010 when a wide variety of people falsely recalled the death of Nelson Mandela in the 1980s. In reality, Mandela did not die until 2013. Since then, more and more people have begun to misremember events, song lyrics, numbers, titles, and names. Here are just a few of the examples of the Mandela Effect that have made me rethink everything.

1. Berenstein Bears is actually Berenstain Bears.


Perhaps one of the most well-known examples of the Effect, numerous people clearly remember the spelling of the popular series title ending in "ein," rather than "ain."

2. "We Are the Champions" lyrics.


"We Are The Champions" is one of Queen's best-known songs, whose final lyrics can distinctly be remembered as "No time for losers, cause we are the champions… of the world!" However, if you watch the official video for the song, there is no "of the world," the song just ends.

3. "Sex and the City."


This is a popular TV show produced by HBO. Though the name of the show has always been named "Sex and the City," it is frequently remembered as being called "Sex in the City" at some point.

4. Darth Vader's phrase in "Star Wars."


It doesn't take a huge Star Wars fan to know the famous Darth Vader line, "Luke, I am your father." However, watching the movie back, the line is actually recited as "No, I am your father.” Having never watched any of the Star Wars movies, even I recall the line as saying "Luke." This example proves that the Mandela Effect is all too real.

5. Oscar Mayer.


The famous brand of hot dogs advertises themselves as "Oscar Mayer," and always has. Though many people remember the company using the spelling "Oscar Meyer," replacing the "a" with an "e."

6.The queen's phrase in "Snow White."


The majority of people are able to recite the well-known phrase from the movie "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "Mirror, mirror on the wall." However, if you watch the movie back, the line actually goes as follows, "Magic mirror on the wall." For me, this is the most frustrating example of the Mandela Effect, because I can clearly remember watching this movie and hearing the phrase "Mirror mirror on the wall."

These are just a few instances that display the legitimacy of the Mandela Effect. It is proven that we are indeed, living in a parallel universe.

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