If you have seen Mamma Mia as many times as I have...(minimum of 100 times) you can find an admiration for the beautiful Donna Sheridan.

And if you haven't seen Mamma Mia and don't know who the heck I am talking about then let me explain this amazing woman that you may actually relate to or know someone who is your own Donna in your life. Because life needs Donna and life needs you.

The Donna's of the world are strong. But not to the point of being naive or annoying and stand-offish. This strength comes from within. She is someone you feel safe to walk up to and just talk to and laugh with. This strength comes from knowing who she is and not taking herself so seriously. She lets herself feel and work through her emotions. She lets herself be human. And she owns up and moves forward.

Donna finds joy in stepping outside her comfort zone. And in Donna's case, her comfort zone was the world. She packed up and took advantage of the life she was given and left for some island nobody really knew about. Now that may not be the case for all Donna's but that basis still stands. Confort zones can push us or they can suffocate us if we let it. So just go for it!

Her style can't be duplicated or even put into a box. She does her own thing and wears clothes that she knows she rocks but may not be encouraged by others. And that's the way she likes it! I mean come on those overalls are LEGENDARY!

She is loyal to her friends and loves them deeply. Donna rocks karaoke night and makes sure everyone finds joy in their singing no matter how loud or off-key they may be. She encourages them to continue on and find joy in their abilities.

Her heart for others is one that is admired and uplifting. You can't really put it into words how her love for others and her friends and family changes people for the better. She can find beauty in the absolute mundane and broken.

With every door that is closed, she finds a way to make the door beautiful and looks for the next door because life is far too short to be left in a dark corridor.

Donna lives for the adventure. It doesn't always mean she hops on a plane to go to some paradise. This adventure is one that everyone has yet few take advantage of. This adventure is called life and Donna wants to make some memories.

Who in your life is your Donna? Where can you find a little Donna in yourself? Because I'm sure there is more than you know.

Not everyone can be completely Donna because how boring would that be? We all have our own special characteristics and personalities. And that is beautiful. Now find some motivation to share your skills and strengths with others.

Be a dancing queen my darling! And go get 'em, tiger!