14 Male Archetypes You'll 100% Find On Tinder
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14 Male Archetypes You'll 100% Find On Tinder

A list of collective observations featuring some extremely quotable bios.

14 Male Archetypes You'll 100% Find On Tinder

No shame for the Tinder game. Tinder, for me, has become a fun place to pass the time, obtain some easy validation (don't judge), and notice some comically repetitive observations. Below is a list of 14 archetypes that every male Tinder user may (or may not) fall into featuring their typical overall aesthetic. I've also added a few noteworthy and authentic bios I've come across!

1. The Thirst Trap


-pics of face? Nope.

-pics of biceps? You bet.

-usually an array of various gym mirror selfies

Typical Bio: "Here for a good time, not a long time."

2. The Edgy Artist/Toxic Sad Boy


-throws memes into collection of pics to show that they too, like memes

-top artist is probably Tame Impala

-all their pictures are fun and quirky, just like them!

-bios are usually edgy, random, exotic, etc... just like them!

-pictures also include many serious, zoomed in mirror selfies

-the one I swipe on....

3. The Typical Stoner


-pictures of them smoking so you know it's real

Bios Include;

"whos down 2 smoke?"

"420 friendly"

"I smoke weed and am emotionally unavailable"

4. Your Close Friend!

The only person to SuperLike, then screenshot and expose their account by sending it to your group chat.

5. Your Ex's Best Friend

The person you swipe to see if you match. Also the person you swipe so you know they will see it and in turn, show your ex. All in all, time to use your peak pettiness devices.

6. Your Ex

To Swipe? Or to not Swipe? Either way, examine their profile and pictures. Keep an eye out for pictures of you two that he cropped you out of and now has on his Tinder.

7. "Intern at [Insert Finance Company Here]"


-uses their LinkedIn profile picture

-all photos include him in a suit


"6' on a good day"

8. The Frat Boy


-no bio

-only pics of him with girls (all different), beer, and parties

9. The Catfish


-no bio

-if you match, ask for their Instagram to confirm identity

-all pictures usually look like a completely different person

10. The Student Athlete Stuck In The Glory Days


-high school football photos

-if not football, then lacrosse


*sports emojis*

11. Guys That Want One Thing & They Make It Clear


-lists out who they're attracted to in this order: looks then personality

Bios Include:

-"I'm trynna donate orgasms. I'm probably freakier than you."

-"Too young to settle down, let's have some fun."

-"It's Tinder, use it for its true purpose."

12.The Dude You Don't Swipe On Because You Know Them But They Still Follow You On Instagram and Its This Unique Tension When You Interact Online

You know what I'm talking about.

Credits to Kevin on this one.

13. The Dude From Class You Swipe To See If You Match But You Never Mention It Again

Again, you know what I'm talking about.

14. Dudes From Europe


-lots and lots of traveling photos

-typically use a lot of expressive emojis


"I'm British and yes, I speak very posh."

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