I'm Making This Summer Be Different

This summer already doesn't feel like any other summer. Aside from the fact that it's a lot longer than usual now that I am in college, and how there are different people in my life who I will or will not spend it with, this summer is the summer that I start being motivated to become a healthy person.

Every summer I eat like crap. I always wake up late, skip breakfast, eat fast food and ice cream all day. This summer I want to be different. I want to wake up relatively early (I'll work on being a morning person next summer), and actually eat a breakfast that I can stick to and enjoy waking up to eat. I decided to turn my summer mornings to smoothies. They're quick and fun to make, and not only are they super delicious but if you make them right they can be really healthy too!! I'm still experimenting but right now my go-to smoothie is:

-one banana

-one strawberry

-three baby kale leaves

-a spoonful of peanut butter

-skim milk

-ice cubes

Not only is this recipe tasty but you are getting your fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy all in one serving! Soon I want to be able to enjoy smoothies as a meal any time of day, but breakfast smoothies are my new summer routine.

Aside from eating healthy, this summer I've also decided to improve my other bad summer habits. Usually, every summer I would lay out in the sun for hours without wearing any sunscreen-just to get a tan. I realize now since skin cancer has been exposed to my family, that this is very bad for my skin. Although I love tanning, this summer I am now motivated to wear sunscreen whenever I will be under the sun because it's the safe and smart thing to do. I also decided that the only time I will be laying out under the sun is if I'm at the beach. I hope that making these small adjustments to my daily summer life, I can now live a productive and happy summer while also being healthy.

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