Making A Monthly Playlist Was The Best Idea I Ever Had

Last April, I decided that I should start making a playlist for each month.

I thought that if I were forced to find new music to put on my playlists, which would be a great reason to stop listening to the same music over and over again. I really enjoy picking songs for my playlist that match my feelings for the month or just songs that really define a memory I never want to lose. My playlists from the summer take me back to the Post Malone concert I went to in May, driving home from my last final exam, to late night Cook Out runs with my best friends.

Some of my playlists aren't my favorite, whether it be the songs on them don't fit my style anymore or I chose songs that wouldn't bring back any of my favorite memories. Despite not always making the perfect playlist, all of them are different in their own way, which makes them special to me.

Although the playlists themselves have sentimental value and hold the songs that have gotten me through the past few months, one of my favorite parts of creating the playlists is choosing the playlist covers. Some people may say that caring about the aesthetic of your Spotify account is superficial, but curating the perfect playlist and then choosing an image to depict the songs that you have chosen is such a satisfying feeling.

The theme of my Spotify playlists are funny cartoon screenshots, from "The Simpsons" to "Daisy Duck," and each one was carefully chosen to represent the overall tone of the playlists.

The other important aspect of the monthly playlist is the title. I tend to go for titles that include a clever pun i.e. "June's tunes", "Dancember", "Jamuary". The titles, however cheesy they may be, give me a good laugh when I am feeling down and I just want to listen to the perfect playlist to lift my spirits. This month's playlist has one of the best titles I have ever come up with (even though I can't claim full credit for it). This month is "Groovember" and so far it has lived up to the name.

To name some of my favorite groovy tunes of the month, I would have to say that "Lost in Japan - Remix" by Shawn Mendes feat. Zedd is the grooviest tune on there. I hope that you're inspired to make some monthly Spotify playlists because they really end up being a collection of memories held within songs.

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