I Am Envious Of The Girls Who Literally Look Like They Walked Out Of A Makeup Tutorial Video

I Am Envious Of The Girls Who Literally Look Like They Walked Out Of A Makeup Tutorial Video

Don't mind me, I'll stick to my five items of makeup.

It's a Friday night! You and your girlfriends are going out on the town after a long and tough week of classes. You all get into one room, play your most fun playlist and start getting ready for a night of memories. The girls pull out bags of makeup including brushes, serval tubes of primer and foundation, and a multitude of lipsticks. However, you sit there with your one eyeshadow palette, eyeliner, mascara and two shades of lipstick with little knowledge of how to apply it.

I am a girl who isn't afraid to get dressed up. I have just never learned how to apply it like most people who wear makeup. When I see makeup tutorials on Youtube, I think how in the name do you know how to do that?! I have taken the time to research what makeup I need, search through Pinterest to find the right shades and sit down to find the right tutorial online.

If I spend hours perfecting, I may be able to get it looking like everything is even.

When I first started buying makeup, it was because I was on stage. I learned how to do makeup from when my mom put it on herself and on me when I was in dance recitals at age five. I also learned from being on stage which means heavy layers of foundation, blush, and eyeshadow on the whole eyelid (and with me, even up near my eyebrow). It was a trial and error process for me. I got coached by both boys and girls who were on stage with me. With heavy practice, I finally mastered the perfect straight line with eyeliner in high school.

When you see pictures of me in middle school and high school, the transformation of eye makeup is something to note. It is amazing how ridiculous I looked and how my mother let me out of the house looking like that. If I had to choose between clothing and makeup, it would absolutely be clothing every single time. I express myself through my clothes. I understand people take their makeup seriously and express themselves that way.

Now that I am in college, I hardly wear makeup. Most of the time, I roll out of bed 20 minutes before class starts, throw something on and walk to class with breakfast to go (keep in mind I also live on campus). When I need to, I do wear makeup for interviews, going out, and because sometimes you just want an extra boost to your self-confidence! But to those who do it every day looking flawless and with little to no effort, good for you all!! I applaud you and wish I was that dedicated and talented at applying makeup to myself.

So whenever I see a makeup tutorial of how to look like a mermaid, for going out on the town, or when drag queens look fantastic, I will always stop and watch in amazement of how precise it looks and the talent you have. Don't mind me, I'll stick to my five items of makeup.

Cover Image Credit: Malvestida Magazine

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What To Expect For Your First Brazilian Wax

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It's going to hurt like hell, you're going to swear to yourself you're never going to go through with it again, and that you've betrayed your razor. Just like the pain, these feelings will subside.

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Right Before.

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During The Wax.

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Personally, I love going to the salon because it's like a free therapy session. You can vent and talk about anything and they'll likely listen and give you their opinion, or silently judge. They're already seeing every bit of you, so nothing seems off the table, but proceed with caution and just be yourself.

When the wax is over, they will apply a cooling crème, gel, oil, or other product to soothe the stressed skin.

After Care.

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