5 Reasons Why Girls Wear Makeup

5 Reasons Why Girls Wear Makeup

Just because my makeup skills are great, does not make me insecure.

Makeup shaming, it’s real and it needs to stop. I love wearing makeup and I love watching makeup videos on YouTube, but why shame people for loving and wearing makeup? Men used to think women wear makeup to impress them and for some of course we did, who wouldn’t want to look dolled up for their crush? But with times changing and new makeup companies coming out, we do not buy makeup thinking “oh, I know he likes red so I am going to buy red lipstick.” No, makeup addicts think “oh, this is a different kind of red so I am going to get it," with the knowledge that they have thirty other lipsticks that are similar. With the makeup culture changing and new trends occurring, people just assume that when you wear makeup you are insecure. Try and listen to understand our reasoning behind the great brows, matte face, and false lashes. Well, I am here to explain to those people five reasons why we always looked dolled up:

1. Confidence

Feeling confident in yourself while wearing makeup is such a rewarding feeling. This is your hard work being paid off in a full face of glitter, matte, expensive and non-expensive formulas that make your face change. People don't understand that you just become a completely different person; on days when you feel low, it is a great confidence booster because for some, their perspectives of day-to-day tasks may change because they know they are feeling pretty. Remember, if you feel like wearing a full face to school because you think you will rock it with that outfit, DO IT. No shame in doing something you love and feel good doing.

2. Art

Applying makeup is an actual art. People do not get good overnight. Rather, it is constant practice. Making sure you have a steady hand, making sure you always apply primers, knowing your T-zone, knowing if you are oily, dry or both. Everyone applies makeup differently, because everyone is different. So, what's so great about makeup? It lets you express your individuality in your own unique way. Nobody should be shamed for letting someone express themselves via art.

3. Creativity

Blue lipstick, green eye shadow? You aren’t weird, you are CREATIVE. If you can make these colors look great and use them in makeup, that isn’t weird, its cool. Being creative, following Youtubers, and recreating looks for yourself is something that makeup lovers LOVE to do. We are able to try new things and learn new techniques to help us even more.

4. Enhancement

People who are not insecure but still love makeup may love the benefits of what makeup can actually do for your favorite parts of your face. Some may have a nice cupids bow, thin nose, great eyebrows, you name it. For some, makeup enhances the features you love even more and covers up the parts you may not like as much.

5. Perspective

JUST BECAUSE WE HAVE MAKEUP ON DOES NOT MEAN OUR PERSONALITIES CHANGE. If for whatever reason you think that, it’s wrong. If anything, we feel better about ourselves and l happier, is that really a problem, though?

Even though makeup-shaming is not super popular, that does not mean you should still do it. Stop shaming us for wanting to have a little fun with some color.

Cover Image Credit: boredpanda

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