"Makeup is One Size Fits All"
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"Makeup is One Size Fits All"

It's Not Just For Instagram Models

"Makeup is One Size Fits All"

Makeup is not one of those things that you either know about or you don't.

There are so many different levels to makeup on cosmetics. Someone may know that they prefer waterproof mascara to non-waterproof. They may know that some brands are not cruelty-free and wish not to support brands that test on animals. Others may know that all ingredients were once tested on animals at some point and have to be okay with this fact.

I started experimenting with eyeshadow when I was 12 and I remember so clearly it was a cheap drugstore small 3-shadow palette. Not knowing what to do, I spread the chalky white shimmer shadow all over my lid with the applicator that was provided. It looks like this:

What's really ugly is the ignorance behind that statement. Firstly, if I wanted to swim with makeup on I would wear waterproof so the date wouldn't notice the difference. Secondly, why is someone boiled down to their attractiveness and why is that the deciding factor for building a relationship.

Another example of ignorance is when people will say "why don't you wear no makeup like that girl." To the untrained eye, anyone may look like they didn't invest part of their morning to a cosmetics routine. To others, the natural look is one that has a 10-step makeup routine consisting of foundation, concealer, powders, mascara, eyebrow pomade, highlighter, blush and more.

Emily Kennedy weighs in on some stigmas that she has noticed with cosmetics:


This leads to attitudes towards make or prejudice. The prejudice that many people who are involved with cosmetics is that you are vain or you need makeup to be attractive. But, the truth of the matter is those who involve themselves with makeup do it for themselves, not for some 22 year old judgmental boy who wants retweets. The ironic part of that is the same boy doesn't want a nature girl, they want a girl who looks beautiful with makeup. Truth is, people can do whatever they want without validation from others.

Lastly is the discrimination. Boys who wear makeup may experience this more than girls. Makeup has traditionally been seen as effeminate and a man who does makeup must be gay. This cannot be farther from the truth because men who do makeup are men and they are talented and it stops there. Makeup does not have to make you feminine and as a culture we are straying away from that where makeup is for everyone.

Patrick Starrr, a famous beauty influencer who has had multiple collaborations with big name companies including MAC and Benefit Cosmetics says that makeup is one size fits all. And it’s clear he means that in multiple ways.

Patrick Starrr is a plus-sized man who is proudly gay and made a successful career our of wearing, reviewing and promoting makeup as well as his opinions. He is a positive person who is kind to his fans and peers. Makeup as one size fits all means that it is not just for skinny people. It is not just for females and it is for all sexualities. It's not for only young people or those who are able-bodied. Makeup is one of those special things where it is for literally every single person, no matter the identification.

Rihanna, famous singer, activist, actress, designer and now owner of multi-million dollar Fenty Beauty has a product that mirrors the one size fits all concept.

Usually makeup products, whether it be the formula or color along with so many other factors to consider, do not work for everyone. And that's okay because of the millions of products in retail so there is something for everyone. Rihanna released her Stunna Lip Paint in Fall of 2017 which looks like the component featured below.

Red lipstick is tricky because the different undertones may look bad on certain skin tones but Rihanna created a beautiful blue-based red that works on every skin tone. This was a huge claim to make and I tested it for myself and I loved the way it looked on me. This was no easy feat because I don't enjoy red lipsticks on myself and I can't describe the happiness of finding a red lipstick, that is comfortable on the lips, that I look forward to wearing.

It's like trying to perfect a dish in the kitchen, mastering a stitching technique or your favorite band releases an album and it is everything you hoped for.

It's incredibly satisfying and it makes you smile. This red lipstick, along with my whole makeup and skincare collection, is what makes me smile. My hobby is inclusive, can you say the same about yours?

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